Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is proud to partner with the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) to provide quality assurance for Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) installations carried out under the CIGA guarantee scheme. The CIGA is an independent body which provides 25-year guarantees for CWI when fitted by one of their nationwide network of registered installers according to Best Practice technical guidance. Established in 1995 after consultation with the Government, the CIGA aims to provide a level of reassurance to householders who currently have or are considering CWI, and as such its objectives are fully in tune with the BBA’s own mission to similarly provide reassurance in respect of construction products and systems. The partnership between the BBA and the CIGA is therefore a natural alliance which serves to further promote good practice within this industry sector and to raise the standard of products and installations. The BBA and the CIGA collaborate in the operation and administration of the Cavity Wall Insulation Self Certification scheme (CWISC), which provides homeowners with the additional reassurance that CWI carried out by CIGA-registered contractors complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations. The BBA for its part ensures, via its dedicated team of professional Inspectors, that the installations inspected have been carried out correctly and that they meet the requirements of the relevant BBA Agrément Certificate and regulatory provisions. It also assesses and approves the installers themselves. The BBA is proud to work with the CIGA in raising standards within the CWI industry and looks forward to continuing its close working relationship with the organisation.

Links to Scheme Documentation:

BBA Assessment and Surveillance Scheme Iss2

CWI Assessor Scheme Document Iss4


“We value the close working relationship with the BBA and this partnership boosts the CIGA’s and the BBA’s ability to raise standards across the industry and work for consumers.

“The CIGA exists to protect consumers who have cavity wall insulation installed in their homes. On the rare occasion they experience problems, we’ll work with the installer to make sure any defect resulting from workmanship or materials is rectified at no cost to the consumer.”

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Gerry Miller – CIGA

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