Energy Saving Trust

The BBA and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) have joined forces to offer a new wide-range of verification, testing, endorsement and consultancy services for companies striving to get their energy efficient products an independent stamp of approval.

The partnership brings together the best each organisation has to offer in terms of expertise, and will ensure consumers are rewarded when investing in energy efficient products because the claims made by manufacturers will be independently assessed and verified.

Since EST was founded in 1992, it has developed an extensive database of information on energy using and energy related products, measuring their performance in the laboratory and in-situ and setting best practice performance standards in line with national, European and International regulations. EST’s product certification experience spans across Large and Small Domestic Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, Lighting, Heating, Insulation and Glazing.

For nearly 50 years the BBA has provided rigorous testing, inspection and certification services to support manufacturers and installers achieve excellence and also to provide joined-up reassurance throughout the industry. Building fabric insulation, microgeneration and other energy efficient products and systems are key sectors for this widely recognised reassurance.

Each organisation’s product assurance services will benefit from organic growth in new client markets, brought together through the partnership.

EST endorsed Certification listing

Energy Saving Trust – Listed 1.0 October 2015


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