All BBA testing is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and we are UKAS accredited for many of the tests we offer.

Test Schedule of Accreditation


CE Marketing 01234 LogoCE Marking

We are a notified test laboratory for testing a wide variety of construction products in accordance with a range of harmonised CE Marking standards.


Keymark Scheme Logo


We are a Registered Laboratory for Scheme Development Group 5 The Keymark for thermal insulation products.

The CEN Keymark scheme is a voluntary scheme, enabling manufacturers to affix the Keymark. The Keymark indicates a presumption of conformity with the relevant CEN standard for insulation product. It should not be confused with the regulatory CE Marking, which can also be found on thermal insulation products.

The most significant characteristic for thermal insulation products is the declared thermal conductivity. The scheme requires the use of laboratories that meet the rules for performing thermal conductivity tests to ensure a full transparency and a high level of competence and accuracy within those laboratories and to provide a consistent approach throughout Europe. Test results can only be generated from registered test laboratories that have shown to be experts in the field.


Network Rail Specification

We are a UKAS accredited Principal Independent Test House (PITH) under the Network Rail Specification for the certification of waterproofing systems for rail bridges.

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