Atspeed partner with Schöck Ltd to offer full package

Atspeed partner with Schöck Ltd to offer full package

Danny Thompson of Atspeed

Since being awarded a Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control against EN 1090 by the BBA earlier this year, Atspeed are delighted to announce that they are now official partners with Schöck Ltd.

Atspeed will be the UK distributors of Schöck’s BBA Approved thermal breaks, Certificates 10/4801 & 05/4277 and working in collaboration with Schöck Ltd they hope to become the first balcony supplier with complete industry certification and regulatory compliance.  Danny Thompson of Atspeed commented:

“these are exciting times for us, working closely with the German technical team we are able to optimise products for the UK market.  Significant effort is being made to design out common installation issues which will undoubtedly increase the contribution and presence of both parties in UK constructions growth and  industry goals to improve thermal efficiency, minimise risk and reduce build programmes.”

Atspeed are now preparing to apply for further BBA certification of their Thoughwall Modular Balcony System.

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