BBA to carry out annual NPS survey

BBA to carry out annual NPS survey

Throughout July, August and September last year BBA’s Client Experience Manager, Alison Paskell, initiated a ‘BBA Client data and service improvement research programme’.  The objective was gather the most up-to-date client contact data, for the then new CRM (Client Relationship Management) database, and to develop a better understanding of how the BBA could deliver greater value to clients.

Alison developed a short, four question, survey inviting participants to elaborate on their perceptions and feelings about the BBA and to verify contact details.   Of 2,749 e-mails sent out a staggering 9% responded, which was a terrific response rate.  A further 11% bounced, and although not ideal it did enable more data cleansing.

A year on and Alison is preparing to repeat the survey.  Results from 2014 will provide the baseline to work from, and hopefully many more clients will participate this year.

Alison Paskell – Client Experience Manager

“understanding client experience can be incredibly challenging whatever business you are in, of course it is absolutely vital to listen to what clients say, but more importantly you need to act upon their feedback.  Sometimes things don’t work out and, yes, on occasion it can be desperately deflating, but what has been wholly evident to me is that if you demonstrate a willingness to improve; and talk to people; even the most disgruntled client will support your endeavours.  It also helps tremendously to be surrounded with people who are professional, knowledgeable and committed to doing their absolute best!”

Alison joined the BBA in 2007 as a part-time administrator which allowed her to continue working with a charity, called ACE, helping families tackle truancy and integrating children back into mainstream school.  Since then she has worked in various departments at the BBA taking on the role of Client Experience Manager at the end of November 2013.


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