Better quality – the unexpected benefit from Brexit?

Better quality – the unexpected benefit from Brexit?

In the absence of a crystal ball it is almost impossible to predict how construction companies will fare following the vote to leave the EU…

Within days of the vote being announced it was clear that there would be winners and losers and it will probably be a least another six months or so before certainty returns to the market.

But it would seem that, for companies willing to grasp the opportunities in Europe’s second largest construction market, the future could look very good indeed and some organisations are predicting that UK manufacturers could do extremely well if they are willing to be bold.

The BBA is one such organisation that has identified an unexpected trend in the market and a mood of optimism from companies that believe they can succeed – by simply being better than their competitors – particularly in the areas of quality and excellence.

It has long been accepted that a BBA certification is a standard of excellence that manufacturers of construction products should aspire to, but there are some who clearly want to go to the next step by driving quality forward still further to leave the competition behind.

In short there seems to be a growing number of companies out there prepared to go that extra mile to get the best possible certifications for their products to ensure that they have a greater advantage in a highly competitive market.

There is no doubt that such companies will succeed against a background where building owners and specifiers are not prepared to risk anything but the best and it could be that the BBA has identified a positive move to even greater quality in the marketplace – although it must be emphasised they do not claim to have any definitive answers regarding the future.

So it seems, then, that Britain could once again be a byword for quality, and if the BBA is right – then the entire UK construction market stands to benefit – and what’s wrong with that?

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by Phil Bloomfield, Commercial Director.

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