BBA validates that your BIM object data has the quality required with a new product service:

BIM Object Assurance

Everyone knows that the vast majority of specifiers are using BIM libraries to populate design briefs/proposals. So we understand how important it is for manufacturers to know that their products are at the forefront of the selection process by specifiers, and that their brand profile is as recognised as it should be.


Construction product manufacturers may ask the question “why should my BIM object data be subjected to third-party independent data validation when the task is not specifically required by a regulator? The answer is quite simple: BIM projects are being used as the key source of information for decision making and bad decisions have cost implications.

Architects and other specifiers use BIM data for different analyses such as cost estimation and energy analysis. However, at the fundamental level, it is critical that decisions are made utilising data that are qualitatively and quantitatively correct. Reporting errors are common from even the most experienced manufacturers across industries. The fact that many construction projects have to deal with multi-teams and multi-suppliers increases the risk that data errors could slip into the BIM model with significant cost and operational consequences.

Therefore, it is advisable to use BIM objects independently validated by a third party like the BBA who can give an unbiased review of the data quality.

Another layer of reassurance

We know that when a specifier searches for a BIM object and finds a product that looks acceptable, their next step is to find out whether or not that product is supported by BBA certification, which is where this new service comes in.

BBA Agrément Certification provides a comprehensive assessment of the physical product, and includes laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and production inspections. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance of the physical product’s fitness-for-purpose and proves its compliance with UK building regulations and product standards.

The BBA BIM Assurance provides a validation of the quality of the data included in the BIM object. It does not represent any assessment of the performance or fit-for-purpose of the physical product which is covered in the Agrément certification. Instead, it looks at the BIM object as the 3D digital object with data inside that can be qualitatively validated. The validation covers, first, the quality of the BIM Object as a digital product by looking at its interoperability, data structure and possible data errors. Second, it covers the quality of the values found in the technical parameter fields in terms of completeness, attribution, origin, acceptability, coexistence and consistency.

The BBA BIM Assurance scheme is the latest service in the BBA assurance “toolbox” that a product manufacturer has at its disposal. With the BBA BIM Assurance scheme, the BBA portfolio of services now spans throughout the life-cycle of a construction product, from the moment when product information is used in the modelling & design of the building, selection and sourcing of construction materials, their installation during the building construction, all through to building operations and maintenance.

A BBA BIM object Assurance puts everything that a specifier needs in one place, reducing the hassle for them and making sure your product stands out from the crowd.

“The BBA are very professional, provide a high-quality service and have an excellent understanding of our product and its properties. They also deliver on time.”

Howard Morris, Trade Fabrications Systems (TFS) Ltd

What can BIM Object Assurance do for you?

Our BBA assured BIM object specification carries all the relevant detail contained within your BBA certificate, plus all the usual dimensional information normally found in a BIM object. In addition, each BBA assured BIM object gives you a certificate of compliance which guarantees the accuracy of the specifications – all designed to eliminate wasted time and to promote your product and commitment to excellence. If your product already has a BBA Agrément certificate, we will be happy to add your BIM Object Assurance, tailored to your specific BBA BIM offer. The BBA offers you several options, depending on whether or not you have an existing BIM object.

Available immediately, this is a specifier led service innovation. Here are our definitive top five reasons why we think it’s good for your business and your product sales:

  • Getting specifiers on side: We know specifiers prefer BBA products if they are available – a BBA/BIM Assured specification puts your product at their fingertips.
  • You’re with the best: 50 years of unrivalled expertise in building and construction product certification means the BBA is quite simply the best stamp of approval you can get. Association with the BBA brand will strengthen your product brand and demonstrate that your product is as good as you say it is.
  • Quality data: Provides independent evidence of the quality of the BIM object data, commitment to BIM standards and, therefore, show the object qualifications and suitability for modelling.
  • Always up to date and visible: We will make sure your BBA Assured BIM specifications stay up to date with a regular review process. We also publish all of our Certifications and Assurances on our BBA website (, so your clients can easily verify your product information.
  • Getting ahead of the competition: Differentiate your product from the one that may have a more recognisable brand name but does not offer comparable quality. A BBA Assured BIM object gives you the extra credibility that you need to boost your product’s reputation.

BIM object development with bimstore

bimstore logo

If your product doesn’t have a BIM Object, we can develop one for you. The BBA has partnered with bimstore, the leading UK BIM object and components library, to offer a total BIM modelling solution to manufacturers who are BBA Agrément holders. The BBA and bimstore will work together so that clients who don’t already have a BIM Object can now have one created at their initial stages of BIM adoption, before their product’s specification details are validated for BBA BIM Assurance.

“Today’s announcement is another clear step in our journey to improve our service offer to our clients,” said Claire Curtis-Thomas, BBA Chief Executive. “With the BBA BIM Object Assurance scheme, we expand our strong product certification offer to the early stages of building design and modelling. The combination of our data verification services and BIM Store’s development and hosting capabilities allows us to provide one of the most solid BIM object value propositions on the market.”

Rob Charlton, chief executive of Space Group, said:

“Being part of this scheme allows us to further support manufacturers and enhance the BIM object assurance offered by the BBA.  It is essential that digital components match the performance of an object in operation stages, and through this scheme, the BBA can provide additional assurances to specifiers and designers on the quality of manufacturer objects.  With our support, manufacturers can produce accurate product data and geometry to create their BIM objects.”

These capabilities are now up and running which is great news for BBA clients who want an all-in-one approach to getting their product to market with the best possible visibility in place.

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