CE marking of Structural Steelwork - Deadline is end June 2014!

6 Feb 2014

Any manufacturer involved in fabricating structural steelwork, no matter how large or small the components are, will have to CE mark these products by 1st July 2014 if they are being sold within the European Union (EU). This relates to fabricated elements including systems made from CE Marked steel components used in projects such as bridges, buildings and highway construction.

The scope of the standard is wide ranging and covers structural steel and aluminium components. These components can be made from hot-rolled or cold-formed products. They may be sections or profiles with various shapes, flat products, bars, castings, forgings, unprotected or protected against corrosion by coating, welded or non-welded.

Non-compliance is not an option and it will be illegal after 1st July 2014 to sell any fabricated structural steelwork products within the EU without CE marking.

The harmonised standard covering structural steelwork is BS EN 1090-1 and it is the manufacturer's responsibility to issue a declaration that any products covered by this harmonised standard meet the minimum safety requirements outlined therein. This can be found in annex ZA of the standard.

An additional requirement is that a Factory Production Control system (FPC) must be put in place by the manufacturer and the system needs to be certified by a Notified Body such as the BBA.

For more information e-mail cemarking@bba.star.co.uk or call +44 (0)1923 665300.