Complaints about Installers of External & Cavity Wall Insulation

The BBA’s role is to monitor installers to ensure that their installations are compliant. Complaints against installers provide the BBA with information about an installer’s performance, so when things do go wrong, the issues surrounding non-compliance that are identified through the BBA’s monitoring provide installers with the opportunity to learn and take preventative measures to avoid the same things happening again in future.

Installers who continue to have non-compliant installations will have their Approved Installer status removed.

Q. I’ve submitted a complaint. Will the BBA inspect my property?

The content of your complaint will be reviewed first. If the problems you report look as if they may be due to non-compliance with the issued BBA Certificate, and you have supplied details of the installer’s final response, the BBA would like to inspect the property.

The inspection we carry out is to check whether the installer has followed the requirements of the issued BBA Certificate.

Q. What exactly will the BBA check?

The BBA will check compliance of the installation with the issued BBA Certificate and whether the installer is also demonstrating compliance with said Certificate.

The inspection carried out for external wall insulation is non-invasive. We can only judge what we can see.

The inspection carried out for cavity wall insulation will involve an inspection of the cavity.

Q. I have photographic evidence of how the insulation was installed, will this help my case?

Photographic evidence may assist with the review of the case but it may not be used in the final conclusion. The BBA inspection of external wall insulation, which is non-invasive, is the only way the BBA may confirm compliance with the issued BBA Certificate.

Q. Will I receive a copy of the BBA inspector’s findings?

The inspection is carried out as part of our monitoring role. You will be informed whether the installation is compliant or not. If not, the inspector’s findings will be passed to the installer who will be asked to contact you to arrange for the necessary remedial work to be carried out in compliance with the issued BBA Certificate.

Q. Can an alternative installer carry out any remedial work?

This is something you need to discuss with your current installer as your contract is with them. The BBA cannot make alternative arrangements; this does not fall within our remit.

Q. Communication has broken down with my installer, can the BBA help?

We appreciate this does happen on occasion, however, the BBA does not provide arbitration. It may be difficult but the installer must be given the opportunity to put things right. Ultimately, you could try approaching their System Supplier (that is the manufacturer of the system installed) for assistance. (as below)

Q. I don’t want the installer to come back to my property, so what now?

The BBA cannot assist in this matter. This is a contractual matter between you and the installer. The best course of action is to try and maintain communication with the installer to resolve your issues. You could try approaching their System Supplier for assistance or the guarantee/ warranty provider.

Q. How do I find the System Supplier contact details?

The installer will be able to provide you with details of the System Supplier (that is the manufacturer of the system installed). Details are also included on the guarantee/warranty if this has been provided. Alternatively the System Supplier contact details will be on the associated BBA Certificate which may be searched on the BBA website:

Q. I have had the System Supplier involved but the installer refuses to do anything further. What now?

The System Supplier has a sanction process to follow, it is important that you maintain communication channels in order to resolve this through them and the installer.

Q. The installation did not comply with the issued BBA Certificate and the installer has carried out some remedial work, what now?

In response to our inspector’s findings, the installer is required to inform the BBA of actions agreed with you and provide evidence that the necessary work has been completed. We will notify you when the case is closed.

Q. The installation is compliant, but what about the other issues raised and/or damage the installer caused when the work was carried out?

This is not something the BBA can assist with. It is a contractual matter between yourself and the installer. Other bodies who may be able to assist with compensation claims:
Citizens Advice Bureau –
Chartered Trading Standards Institute –

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1 October 2015. This regulation requires all tradesmen supplying goods or services to provide a simple and low cost resolution service should things go wrong.

In the event that the dispute with you remains unresolved, the installer should be able to provide you with details of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body, relevant to their sector and the nature of the specific complaint.

It is not mandatory to use an ADR provider, but it is hoped that the offer of using an independent resolution service will result in the speedy settlement of issues if things do go wrong.

Alternative Dispute Resolution offers a range of processes that support the parties in dispute for an easier, quicker and more cost effective tool to resolve disputes when compared to the court or other formal processes.

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