Consumer Rights Act 2015 – how it affects you

Consumer Rights Act 2015 – how it affects you

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 came into force on 1 October and is intended to help consumers and businesses avoid disputes.  If there is a dispute, however, changes have been brought in to make them easier to settle.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will offer a quicker and more affordable way of resolving disputes than going through the courts. ADR is a process that enables disputes to be settled by an independent mechanism outside the court system.  Consumers can obtain more information and advice on their rights from Citizens Advice, including information on ADR.

TrustMark is an approved ADR provider, so tradespeople who are already TrustMark-registered will be compliant with new requirements and have the option to offer their customers a clear, simple and low cost dispute resolution alternative to formal legal action if things do go wrong.

Other significant changes for tradespeople will be increased clarity about when a consumer has or has not got the right to reject goods, and a new presumption that consumers should not have to accept multiple attempts at repair or replacement.

Read the Consumer Rights Act 2015 in full here.  For enquiries about becoming a TrustMark-registered firm, please contact the BBA on 01923 665300.

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