Ecobuild 2016 Review

The BBA held a 50th Anniversary drinks reception at Ecobuild in London last month. The exhibition provided the perfect opportunity for the BBA team to meet, thank and celebrate with clients, partners and supporters of the BBA.  This was the first of a series of 50th Anniversary events that the BBA is holding throughout 2016.  Phil Bloomfield, BBA’s Commercial Director, took the opportunity to meet with as many clients as possible and commented:

“It really is a privilege to talk to so many of our Certificate holders.  The BBA is proud to have worked with some of the most esteemed companies, and people, in the construction industry and to have carried out assessments and approval of a variety of revolutionary construction solutions.   To date over 5000 BBA Agrément Certificates and 200 HAPAS Certificates have been issued, but that’s not all.  Testing, inspection and installer certification services have helped manufacturers and installers achieve excellence, and provide reassurance to the industry.”

BBA Project Manager Martin Oxley and Team Manager Gayetree Ramkorun were delighted to be invited by Recticel Ltd to present on “the Journey to Certification” on Recticel Ltd’s stand.  The presentations were well received and explained the BBA’s rigorous processes.  BBA CEO Claire Curtis-Thomas also contributed to the Ecobuild seminar “Every Home Matters: exploring the recommendations of the Bonfield Review” with a discussion on Managing Compliance and Reducing Risk.

A number of Agrément Certificates were also formally presented during the exhibition by Claire Curtis-Thomas, Phil Bloomfield and Andrew Schutt, BBA Client Account Manager.

John McMullan, Commercial Manager of Firestone Building Products Europe, was presented with Agrément Certificate 89/2216, Product Sheet 2 for Firestone RubberCover EPDM System.

Mike Ervine, Managing Director of Intelligent Insulation Group, was presented with Agrément Certificate 16/5290 for Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim Internal Wall Insulation Systems.

Louise Grapes, Marketing Communications Executive of Sika Liquid Plastics, was presented with Agrément Certificate 16/5295 for Sikalastic Rapid-721 and Agrément Certificate 16/5294 for Sikalastic -625 Systems.

Dave Raval, Chief Executive of Eco answers Ltd t/a LoftZone, was presented with Agrément Certificate 15/5269 for StoreFloor.

Roger Critchley, Managing Director of Addagrip Terraco Ltd, was presented with Agrément Certificate 16/5288, Product Sheet 1 for Addaset & Addabound and Product Sheet 2 for Terrabound.

Linzi Hobbs, Technical Processing Manager (UK & Ireland) of Kingspan Insulation Ltd was presented with Agrément Certificate 16/5299, Product Sheet 1 for Kooltherm K108 and Agrément Certificate 16/5299, Product Sheet 2 for Kooltherm K106.

The BBA will be exhibiting at Ecobuild in 2017, and looks forward to the next 50 years and beyond, continuing to encourage the safe development and adoption of innovative construction solutions through the provision of reassurance to manufacturers, users, local authorities, specifiers, industry insurers and key construction trade associations in the UK.

Firestone Building Products Europe.

Intelligent Insulations Ltd.

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