Competent Person Scheme (CPS)

Installers of solid wall systems can now join the BBA’s Competent Person Scheme (CPS) to self-certify their solid wall insulation work. The BBA will issue a certificate to the installer’s client and advise the relevant Local Authority that the work has taken place.

Being part of the scheme means installers can:

  • Save time through not having to notify Local Authorities prior to commencement or completion of their work, BBA will notify after completion
  • Save money as they don’t have to pay a local council or an approved building inspector to check their work
  • Win more business as they can charge their clients lower prices as there are no building control fees to pay
  • Membership is voluntary – installers can still use Local Authority Building Control and building inspectors if preferred

Registering for the CPS

As part of the CPS, installers are assessed to ensure they meet the level of competence required before they’re registered.

Once registered, there will be ongoing inspections of their work to make sure the required standards are met. If you become a registered installer and you are also certified by the BBA under the Green Deal for either external wall insulation, internal wall insulation or hybrid wall insulation, then the assessment of competence and ongoing surveillance is already undertaken by the BBA and no additional inspection is required.

The only additional fees are an annual registration fee to cover membership of the scheme and a small charge for each job self-certified by you and registered through us as Building Regulations compliant.

As a BBA CPS registered installer, you will need to abide by the rules of the scheme as required by Government and the BBA, including providing a guarantee acceptable to the BBA for all work carried out under the CPS.

How do I join?

If you would like to join the scheme, or would like more details, simply contact us by e-mailing

How do I register my installations?

Once registered for the CPS, installers will be sent a link by the BBA which gives them access to a login page to register their installations online.

How does the BBA Competent Person Scheme integrate with other BBA services?

If you are not already part of a BBA installer scheme, the BBA can provide several options depending on what type of work you wish to access. You can access any of these schemes individually or together as an integrated, cost effective package.

  1. BBA Installer Scheme – Demonstrates installer competence and exceeds the requirements of PAS 2030:2012. Registered businesses can use the BBA Installer logo and will be listed on the BBA website. Permits Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded installations.
  2. Green Deal Installer Scheme – All the benefits of the BBA Installer Scheme above plus confirmation that the installer complies with the Green Deal Code of Practice. Inclusion on the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body’s website and the right to use the Green Deal Mark which is a requirement to carry out Green Deal funded work.
  3. Competent Person Scheme – Ability to self-certify solid wall installation work to comply with UK Building Regulations without the need for separate assessments by Building Control.

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If you have any questions about our installer approval and inspection services, please get in touch with a member of the BBA team using the details on the Contact Us page.

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