Just for Installers – December

Welcome to installers

The BBA welcomes November’s newly-approved installers.  Congratulations on successfully passing the pre-approval assessments for our BBA-approved schemes.  The BBA inspection team looks forward to working with you and to providing continued backing of your established competency in your respective fields.

Installer ID Member Approved Scheme
Insulation Type
9170 Union Technial Services Ltd Internal Wall
4198 Everwarm Group Ltd Pitched Roof

Installer Listings

For details of all installer approvals including those that have been suspended and withdrawn in November please view the latest Installer listing.


Scheme Piloting – CASS

E-Tech have confirmed that the Assessor Hub will be ready for Assessors to being registering their details in January.  When the function goes live an announcement will be made and guidance and support will be provided throughout the pilot.

Instagroup and A&M Energy Services have kindly agreed to be guinea pigs allowing us to pilot the CASS processes from both an existing e-Tech member and a brand-new member.  Both organisations will push their surveys through the Assessor Hub, enabling us to ensure that everything works smoothly before rolling out to the industry.

To find out more and read the latest news about this scheme please visit the BBA Inspection Services website.


Meet the team

BBA inspectors are the best in their field and, with support from the audit and inspection administration team, provide an exemplary service that helps installers in achieving excellence.  Meet their support team:

Jorden Adams – Administration Manager – Jorden is responsible for the Administration Department which includes the Audit & Inspection team, Client Services and the CASS team.  In addition to monitoring processes and KPIs, Jorden offers support and guidance to all team members to  ensure that a coherent and consistent level of service is provided to clients and the general public.

Max Glenister – Audit and Inspection Deputy Team Leader – Max is responsible for several of the schemes and inspection processes the BBA complete and is integral to the variation response administration for installers, oversees the High Friction Surfacing scheme, Fairtrades inspections, Extra Energy inspections and the FMB home insurance services. Max also contributes to the bookings for our assessment team.

David Price – Audit and Inspection Administrator – David is responsible for the MTC assessment scheme and he also provides support across all other schemes managed by the BBA.

Sarah Morgan – Audit and Inspection Administrator – Sarah provides administration for CASS, the Factory Production Control (FPC) assessment team and handles general enquiries. Sarah is responsible for the technical monitoring services the BBA provides and also manages the Diversity and Velux inspection schemes.

Robyn Dormer – Audit and Inspection Administrator – New addition to the team. Robyn handles inspection bookings and maintains regular contact with approved installers. She also provides support to the rest of the team.

Megan Hughes – Audit and Inspection Administrator – New addition to the team. Megan handles inspection bookings and maintains regular contact with approved installers. Alongside Robyn she also provides support to the rest of the team.

Emma Ives – Audit and Inspection Team Leader – Emma provides support and direction to the team as well as handling complex queries or investigations. She also oversees the CPA and CPS schemes.

Lauren Clacher – Audit and Inspection Administrator – Lauren handles inspection bookings for the assessment team and processes new applications for the BBA approval schemes.  She also handles installer e-mail queries sent to the construction inbox are handled and provides support to the rest of the team.

Alexandra Hughes (not pictured) – Administrator – Alexandra supports the assessment team for Factory Production Control (FPC) visits, this includes the allocation of visits and ensuring all evidence is correctly documented.

Left to right: Jorden Adams, Max Glenister, David Price, Sarah Morgan, Robyn Dormer, Megan Hughes, Emma Ives & Lauren Clacher.

Inspection Services Website

If you are interested in becoming an approved installer with the BBA, becoming approved under a scheme that we operate, or you are a homeowner wanting to find out what services and support the BBA can provide, please visit our new inspection services website at http://www.bbainspectionservices.co.uk/

If you’d prefer to talk with someone please contact the BBA on 01923 665300 or send an e-mail to construction@bbacerts.co.uk


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