Knauf Insulation in York Engineers’ Triangle

Knauf Insulation in York Engineers’ Triangle
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York Engineers’ Triangle – Rail operating & training centre in York

When European Roofing Systems needed an insulation solution to meet York’s new rail operating and training centre’s environmental requirements, and meet the rigorous demands of an inverted roof application, they turned to Knauf Insulation.   The result was a specification of 3,000m2 of Polyfoam ECO Roofboard Extra (XPS) insulation, a product that boasts a BBA Agrément certificate 07/4418 and a BRE Certified Green Guide Rating of A.

Sustainability is at the heart of the development of Network Rail’s York Engineers’ Triangle which is the largest rail operating centre in the country and will control signalling and rail operations on the east coast, from London King’s Cross to the Scottish borders.  The development centre also provides a training facility with spaces for up to 200 delegates to be trained at any one time.

Liam Murray, Estimating Manager for European Roofing Systems commented:

“The roof areas created a challenge that was met by our experienced design and site teams. With the help from Knauf Insulation we were able to develop an inverted roof system to meet the rigorous brief of requiring a product that had impressive environmental credentials, an excellent thermal performance and most importantly could be installed above a hot melt waterproofing system.

Knauf Insulation’s Polyfoam ECO Roofboard Extra insulation has a BBA Agrément certificate so is proven in an inverted roof application.  It also has excellent structural strength and is less prone to site damage than other rigid foam insulation boards. The thermal performance is also unaffected by site conditions such as wide fluctuations in outside temperatures and repeated freeze thaw cycles, which is ideal for a project like the York Engineers’ Triangle – so we decided to install this product.”

Luan Anderson, Network Rail’s project manager added:

“With brown roof spaces and green walls to help promote biodiversity on the site, combined with the installation of Knauf Insulation’s Polyfoam ECO Roofboard Extra and cooling and heating systems, we believe that the sustainability will permeate further than the actual building and help us to save energy consumption and reduce our CO2 emissions.”

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