MCHW SHW Series 900 update and BBA HAPAS Certification

MCHW SHW Series 900 update and BBA HAPAS Certification


An updated version of the MCHW SHW Series 900 has recently been published and will impact upon previously issued BBA HAPAS Certificates.

At present, the BBA is liaising with Highways England directly, as well as with other industry representation through our various BBA HAPAS Specialist Groups and our BBA HAPAS Highways Technical Advisory Committee (HiTAC), to determine the impact of this on BBA HAPAS assessment procedures and certification.

We will be contacting certificate holders in the coming weeks, outlining where the key impacts may apply to their existing certificates. In this instance we will outline a proposal for the amendments required and advise them of these – this will be done before the implementation of any technical or non-technical updates.

If you have any questions regarding your certificate, please don’t hesitate to contact your BBA Project Manager.

You can find out the latest on the MCHW SHW Series 900 update here.

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