New Brand Identity for the BBA!

New Brand Identity for the BBA!

BBA Logo

As part of the preparations for next year’s 50th anniversary serving the construction industry, at Ecobuild earlier this month we unveiled a new corporate brand identity, symbolised by a new logo, which is brighter, fresher and more dynamic, while retaining some of the design elements that make it recognisable internationally.


“With our new identity we want to show the world that we are a modern, forward looking organisation, and that we champion innovation within the built environment. The new logo retains the British colours and the roof design which have been part of the BBA’s identity since its origins in the 1960s, but it is much sleeker, and the red ribbon device gives it dynamism” said Claire Curtis-Thomas, Chief Executive. “At the BBA we provide a range of services to the construction industry, including testing and third party inspection as well as the certification we are best known for. With the launch of our new corporate identity and as we approach our fiftieth year in the industry, we want to demonstrate our focus on the growth of all of these services, and our commitment to future development for our clients and partners.”

Under our new marketing strategy, the BBA will have a new, independent logo for corporate communications while retaining current logos used for certificates, installer competency and schemes. The new corporate logo will be phased in gradually in communications and promotional materials.

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