New BBA Client Portal to make access to data simple

New BBA Client Portal to make access to data simple

This week the BBA has asked a selection of clients to test a Beta version of a brand new BBA Client Portal.

Client feedback had highlighted a need for instant access to the details and progress of projects/jobs being undertaken by the BBA.  The development of this portal is regarded as one way for the BBA to meet this requirement whilst also giving clients a more express personal service.

BBA’s Client Portal will provide client’s with information about their projects/jobs and also enable them to provide instant feedback and comments.  The below list details information that will be available within the portal:

• BBA Project Manager details including name, e-mail and telephone number
• Summary of current situation with the project/job
• Project/job details including job number, title, original and projected completion dates
• Project/job stage progress including % complete, original and projected completion dates
• Option for client to provide feedback on service received at each stage of a project/job
• Option  for client to provide comments on overall project/job

Brian Moore, Operations Director, commented:

“In our highly commercial and competitive world, not knowing what is happening to a project can be utterly stressful.  We will make sure that our portal gives our clients transparency and control of their work.  Our clients have the right to demand no less of us.”

Embracing this new Client Portal will reduce the time incurred by client’s tracking the progress of projects/jobs and ultimately create a less stressful work environment for all involved – and that has to be good for everyone.

Testing will continue over the coming weeks.  When the Client Portal is ready to go live all BBA client’s will be notified and given login details.

A close up view.  ‘Rate this phase’ allows a client to provide feedback with additional comments also invited.

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