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BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

October 2018 Certificate Listing

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New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
16/5348 DOW Chemical Company Limited Dow Chemical Roof Insulation
ETA-13/0456 Sika Services AG Sikalastic 6-14
17/5466 Leadax BV Leadax Flashings
06/4365 Hadley Rolled Products Limited Hadley Steel Framing Components
18/5586 Guttercrest Ltd Ali-fabs Coping Systems
10/4793 Vandex International Ltd Vandex Damp-Proof Systems
16/5338 Compania de Laminaciones Sinteticas Sintec S.L Sintec Waterproofing Systems
16/5326 ICB (Waterproofing) Ltd Fleet Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems
05/4217 Kryton International Inc Krystol Watertight Concrete System
18/5581 Juta (UK) Ltd Juta Waterproofing, Gas and Hydrocarbon Membranes
96/3267 Capital Valley Plastics Ltd Capital Valley Plastics Membrane
18/5574 Proteus Industrial Technologies Ltd Proteus Pro-BW Liquid-Applied Waterproofing System
16/5313 Alliance Remedial Supplies Ltd Dryfix Damp-Proof Systems
18/5577 BS Specialist Products Ltd BS Specialist Products Waterproofing Membranes
18/5582 Krypton Chemical S.L. Krypton Chemical Roof Waterproofing Systems
18/5576 Structherm Ltd Structherm External Wall Insulation Systems
16/5322 Axter Ltd Starcoat Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems
18/5571 Liquasil Ltd Liquasil Roof Waterproofing Systems
02/S029 Kingspan Insulation Ltd Kingspan Structural Insulated Panel (Sip) Systems
ETA-18/0729 RCR Flooring Products Limited RCR In-situ concrete Slab Permanent Joint formers
18/5579 Solco Building Products Bluebay Damp-Proof Membranes
05/4251 Sovereign Chemicals Ltd Sovereign Chemical Damp-Proofing Systems
18/5580 IKO PLC IKO Total Roofing Systems


New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
15/F225 Sika Limited Sikagard 550W
18/F433 McCalls Special Products Ltd ta MaCalloy Macalloy plain round and deformed pre-stressing bar to BS 4486 (Size range 26.5mm to 40mm) Macalloy plain round and deformed pre-stressing bar to 3M (Size range 25mm to 50mm) Stainless Macalloy bar to 7M (Size range 20mm to 40mm)
18/F434 Broadland Products Ltd Structural steel components
18/F435 titan Steel Limited Structural steel kits and components


New MCS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
BBA_0185 Grant Engineering (Ireland) ULC Grant Aerona 3 heat pumps


New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
08/H131 Naylor Drainage Ltd Naylor Twnwall HDPE Ducting System
15/H230 Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd Tobermore Retaining Wall System
09/H147 Osterreichische Vialit Ges mbH Vialit Permanent Cold Lay Surfacing Materials
18/H285 J & M Crawford Ltd Majo Plastics Twin Wall Drainage System
12/H190 Asphalt Research Technology, Inc EZ Street Patch Repair Products for Highways
12/H181 Colas Limited Colas Cold-Applied Ultra-Thin Surfacing Systems for Highways
04/H102 Roadtechs Specialist Products Ltd Roadtech's High-Friction Surfacing Systems


Suspended Certificates

Cert Number Company Name Date of Suspension
04/4136 Walltransform Ltd 02-Oct-2018
15/5207 Rockwool Ltd 03-Oct-2018
14/5093 Etex Building Performance Limited 24-Oct-2018


Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number Company Name Date of Withdrawal
12/4937 FunderMax GmbH 15-Oct-2018
15/5247 Ampack AG 15-Oct-2018
15/F315 AIS Integrated Services Ltd 09-Oct-2018
12/4958 Keystone Lintels Ltd 15-Oct-2018
13/5020 IG Lintels The Keystone Group 15-Oct-2018
16/5316 Omnis Exteriors Limited 17-Oct-2018
10/4770 Seamless Coatings 29-Oct-2018
07/4490 Walltransform Ltd 02-Oct-2018
14/5116 DOW Chemical Company Limited 15-Oct-2018
BBA_0077 Baxi Heating UK Ltd 18-Oct-2018
16/5331 Horaplan B.V 10-Oct-2018
BBA_0196 Baxi Heating UK Ltd 18-Oct-2018
96/3273 Passivent Ltd 16-Oct-2018
09/4628 PlumbFast Co Ltd 10-Oct-2018
15/5202 British Polythene Limited 17-Oct-2018
15/F282 F.W. Hall & Son Limited 09-Oct-2018
BBA_0078 Baxi Heating UK Ltd 18-Oct-2018
03/3990 Hyperlast Ltd c/o Dow Hyperlast 19-Oct-2018
03/4037 Aluminium Building Products Ltd 05-Oct-2018

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