August 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number   Company Name   Description
08/4526   Knauf Insulation Ltd   Knauf Insulation
08/4579   Pre Seal Boards Ltd   Preseal Boards
09/4685   Icopal Ltd   Icopal Flashings
11/4878   Xtratherm UK Ltd   Xtratherm Thin-R
12/4904   Siplast   Icopal SAS Roof Waterproofing Membrane
15/5219   Radmat Building Products Ltd   Radmat Single-Ply Roof Waterproofing Systems
15/5231   Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd   Paraflash Flashings
15/5237   Rockwool Ltd   Rockwool Built in Cavity Wall Insulation Batts
15/5239   Bridgend Extrusions Ltd   Bridgend Extrusions Ltd
15/5242   Fosroc International Ltd   Fosroc Waterproofing Systems
15/5243   Synthesia Internacional S.L.U.   Synthesia Internacional S.L.U.
15/5248   Lapolla Industries Inc   Lapolla Spray Applied Open Cell Insulation
15/5249   Ecosave Insulation Ltd   Ecosave Cavity Wall Insulation
91/2620   Specialist Building Products Limited   Swish Roofline System

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number   Company Name   Description
13/F057   Normet UK Ltd   TamCem 60 TamCem 8BFG TamCem 9BFG TamCem HCA TamCem 66 TamCem 15
13/F058   Normet UK Ltd   TamCem CCP TamCem HCA Tamshot 10SS TamShot 80AF TamCem iCure
14/F187   KKS Services Ltd   Structural steel components
15/F293   Fabrication Solutions Limited   Steel Fabrication
15/F294   Able Steelwork and Metalwork Ltd   Structural steelwork including staircases and balustrades
15/F296   Leyton Group Construction Ltd   Structural and Architectural Steelwork
15/F297   ES Engineering Solutions Ltd   Steel fabrication – structural steel components
15/F298   Joss Engineering Services Ltd   Structural Steel Kits and Components
15/F299   Gomac Limited   Structural steelwork
CS/1013   Evolusion Innovation Ltd   Evolusion Innovation Ltd
ETA-05/0152   Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd   Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125 Roof Waterproofing Membrane
ETA-15/0410   Euro Polymers (GB) Limited   Eurotec WB

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number   Company Name   Description
15/H235   Redi-rock International   Redi-Rock Modular Block System
15/H236   Condron Concrete   Condron Concrete Twinwall Drainage System

Suspended Certificates

Cert Number   Company Name   Date of Suspension
00/3747   Sliding Doors and Windows Ltd    15 September 2015   
 09/4694   A & B Glass Co Ltd   15 September 2015
BBA_0106   Shanghai ST Solar Co Ltd   3 August 2015

Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number   Company Name   Date of Withdrawal
BBA_0104   Samsung Electronics   21 September 2015
12/4960   Rockwool Ltd   18 September 2015
02/3938   Warmfill Ltd   18 September 2015
15/5199   InstaFibre Ltd   18 September 2015
98/3449   Hytherm (Ireland) Ltd   14 September 2015
12/R149   Redi-Rock International   10 September 2015
12/B162   IDM Doors Ltd   10 September 2015
CC/0016   IDM Doors Ltd   9 September 2015
12/4964   IDM Doors Ltd   9 September 2015
08/4537   Wickes Building Supplies Ltd   3 September 2015
BBA_0146   Zenpower Co Ltd   3 September 2015
10/4741   Ostendorf UK Ltd   2 September 2015
12/H185   Lagan Bitumen Ltd   1 September 2015
13/5049   Eco Aspects Ltd   1 September 2015
88/1976   InstaFibre Ltd   1 September 2015
10/4805   Travis Perkins Plc   19 August 2015
12/4941   Wickes Building Supplies Ltd   19 August 2015
97/3413   Wickes Building Supplies Ltd   19 August 2015
94/3064   Polyflor Ltd   14 August 2015
08/B058   Fairco Limited   14 August 2015
CC/0024   Nationwide Windows Limited   12 August 2015
99/3568   AHI Roofing   10 August 2015
03/4031   Truemint Ltd   10 August 2015

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