Environmental Certification in Agrément

The BBA can deliver environmental certification of construction products, resulting in the award of a new BBA product, Environmental Profile Certification. These BBA Environmental Profile Certificates will consist of two types of services, ‘Environmental Profile’ and ‘Additional Environmental Information’.

Environmental Profiles will include characterised data and eco-points per functional unit of building element. A functional unit is, for example, a square metre of installed wall. The Environmental Profile is calculated using a methodology based on the BS EN 14040 series of standards and the BREEAM environmental profiles methodology. The implementation of BREEAM environmental profiles methodology satisfies the demand from the industry for harmonisation of life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental profiles (EP) calculation methods within the different LCA practitioners.

BBA Environmental Profiles will be therefore comparable to the BRE equivalent and will be linked with existing sustainability tools, such as the Green Guide, Green Book Live or Envest.

The second service, additional environmental information, refers to the inclusion of the manufacturer’s environmental declarations within the Certificate. Examples of areas that this service can address are recycled content, environmental benefits in use phase, carbon balance, recyclability and manufacturer’s responsibilities, including, for example EMS and Responsible Sourcing.

The BBA’s environmental experts will assess and verify any claims made before inclusion in the Environmental Certificate, so providing the reassurance sought by the industry that such information is reliable.

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