February 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
97/3351  Wienerberger Ltd  Sandtoft Roof Tiles
93/2937  Timloc Building Products Ltd  Timloc Cavity Trays
02/3926  Quantum Windows Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
15/5194  BPA GmbH  BPA Waterproofing Systems
15/5182  Hanse Haus GmbH  Hanse Haus Building Systems
12/4918  Insuletics Ltd  Insuletics External Wall Insulation Systems
15/5183  Moderne Slate (Div. TRACC)  Moderne Recycled Polymeric Slates
15/5189  Icopal Ltd  Parabit Solo
15/5193  Wetherby Building Systems Limited  Wetherby Building Systems
10/4756  Rapid PVCu Systems Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
12/4913  A & B Glass Co Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
14/5111  Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd  Perinsul HL
15/5199  InstaFibre Ltd  Instabead Cavity Wall Insulation
13/5031  Axter Ltd  Axter Ltd Roof Waterproofing System
15/5190  IKO PLC  Rubershield Breathable Membranes
15/5196  NAUE GmbH & Co KG  Naue Waterproofing Products
15/5201  InstaFibre Ltd  External Wall Insulation Systems
15/5186  Unique Window Systems Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Door Systems

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
15/F227  Helston Fabrications Ltd  Steel fabrication – structural steels in construction, handrails, balustrades
15/F228  MHM Fabrications Limited  Structural metalwork – light commercial and industrial
15/F244  CL Fabrications Limited  Structural steelwork and architectural metalwork
15/F234  Glenrothes Fabrications Ltd  Structural steel kits and components
15/F236  The Milne Partnership Limited  Steel fabrication – industrial, commercial and agricultural
15/F243  William Fry Fabrications Ltd  Structural steel fabrication
15/F229  J M Steels Ltd  Structural steelwork
15/F240  ICTS Havant Ltd  Structural steel bespoke fabrication – beams, columns, angles, box sections
15/F223  Booth & Son Ltd  Structural metalwork – Fabricated structural steelwork products
15/F230  Elite Steel Services Ltd  Fabricated structural steelwork products
15/F239  GSD Fabrication/Welders  Structural steel kits and components
15/F233  Metalfab Engineering Limited  Steel fabrication – balustrades, staircases, balconies and structural steelwork
15/F231  Met-Fab Scotland Ltd  Structural steel kits and components
15/F238  A. W. Jeffreys (Southampton) Ltd  Architectural steelwork
15/F226  Walkerweld Engineering Limited  Fabricated steel products and mobile welding services
15/F237  Flo Steel Ltd  Structural steel kits and components

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
02/H074  Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd  Durafalt Thin Surfacing System For Highways
01/H055  Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd  Tuffgrip Thin Surfacing Systems for Highways
12/H189  Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd  Tuffgrip Surface Course Systems for Highways

New MCS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
BBA_0032  Viridian Solar  Clearline PV 15,16,20,30 Modules
BBA_0173  Solarie Technik GmbH  Solarie Technik Photovoltaic Modules
BBA_0174  GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie GmbH  GREENoneTEC solar collector mounting kits

Suspended and Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number  Company Name
 97/3434  Sinclair Foundry Products  
 07/4457  IKO PLC  
 10/4721  IKO PLC  
 97/3378  Hytherm (Ireland) Limited  
 12/4933  IKO PLC  
 09/4652  Airpacks Ltd  
 BBA_0028  Zhejiang Sunflower (Sunowe) Light Energy  
 BBA_0113  Newform Energy Ltd  
 BBA_0114  Newform Energy Ltd  
 BBA_0127  ITHO UK Ltd

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