January 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
10/4761  Majestic Window Designs Ltd  Duraflex PVC-U Window Systems
14/5146  CETCO Europe Ltd  CETCO Membranes
93/2861  Thermal Economics Ltd  Alreflex Range of Cavity Wall Insulation and Cavity Rain Barriers
05/4268 Weber  Monocouche Renders
90/2439  Fermacell GmbH  Fermacell
07/4482  ICF Technologies Limited  ICF Tech Performance Wall System
14/5179  Unidrain  Unidrain
01/3835  Sheerframe Ltd  Sheerframe Cavity Closer Systems
14/5091  FASSA S.r.l  Fassatherm External Wall Insulation Systems
13/4974  Creagh Concrete Products Ltd  Creagh Concrete
07/4422  Ballytherm Ltd  Ballytherm Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation
12/4937  FunderMax GmbH  Fundermax Cladding Panels
14/5155  MOLL bauokeologische Produkte GmbH  Intello and Intello Plus
15/5188  Masterplast KFT  Mastermax 3 Breathable Membranes

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
15/F217  R. Mackie Plant Hire  Structural steel kits and components
15/F215  Eastern Structures Ltd  Fabricated structural steel work products
15/F219  Cotswold Steel Stockholders Ltd  Structural metalwork
15/F216  AJ Hayton Welding and Fabrication Limited  Agricultural buildings
14/F210  MPK Steelwork and Cladding Limted  Architectural and structural steel fabrication
14/F189  X-Met Fabrication Limited  Structural fabricated metal components
15/F222  Wise Steelwork Limited  Structural steelwork and architectural metalwork
15/F212  Filshie Fabrications Ltd  Structural steelwork
15/F224  Gray & Dick Ltd  Mild steel construction – glazed structures
15/F221  Cirencester Fabrications Services Limited  Fabrication of structural mild steel
15/F213  M&M Architectural Limited  Bespoke architectural steelwork and steel-framed buildings
15/F220  Gilchrist Steels Ltd  Fabricated and structural steelwork
15/F214  RAB Fabrication & Blacksmith Services  Execution of steel structures and Aluminium structures
15/F218  A & K Elphinstone & Co  Structural steel kits and components

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
14/H220  ABG Ltd  ABG Geocomposite Highway Drainage Systems
14/H221  JPCS Ltd  JPCS Slurry Surfacing Treatments for Highways
13/H198  Greenpatch Europe Ltd  Greenpatch Patch Repair Products for Highways

Suspended and Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number  Company Name
 BBA_0041  Centrosolar AG
 BBA_0043  Centrosolar AG
 BBA_0085  A Shade Warmer Ltd
 BBA_0018  Moserbaer Photo Voltaic Ltd
 BBA_0066  Enfinity NV
 BBA_0028  Zhejiang Sunflower (Sunowe) Light Energy Science and Technology LLC
 BBA_0020  Green Phoenix Limited
 BBA_0042  Centrosolar AG
 95/3155  Cavity Trays Ltd
 10/4726  Lhoist UK Ltd
 06/4327  BNR LapVents
 08/4565  Yorkshire Building Services (Whitwell) Ltd
 97/3431  DOW Chemical Company Limited
 07/4503  KdB Isolation
 99/3659  Ancon Building Products
 03/4012  GTI Glazing Systems Ltd
 10/4794  Flex Membrane International Corp
 09/4704  IKO Plc
 07/4433  IKO Plc
 14/F101  Rocan Products Ltd
 09/B072  Barton Windows Ltd
 99/R118  Betafence Ltd

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