June 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
 15/5220  Seymour Global Limited t/a Premcrete  FIS Membranes
 15/5225  Seymour Global Limited t/a Premcrete  Premcrete Watertight Concrete System
 13/4977  Mapei UK Ltd  Mapei UK Ltd
 11/4811  PolySteel UK Ltd  Polysteel Permanent Formwork (Warmerwall)
 10/4727  The Windows Bureau Ltd  Duraflex PVC-U Window Systems
 15/5214  Langley Waterproofing Ltd  Paralight Rooflights and Kerbs
 12/4910  John Brash & Co Limited  John Brash Roofing Battens
 15/5221  Cementaid UK Ltd  Cementaid Waterproofing Systems
 10/4745  Soprema UK Ltd  Duoflex Structural Waterproofing
 15/5222  Axter Ltd  Axter Waterproofing Systems
 07/4414  Energystore Ltd  Energystore Cavity Wall Insulation
 10/4777  Foamseal Ltd  Foamseal
 07/4477  Kontrol Building Products  Multifoil Insulation
 96/3303  Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands Limited  Ronseal Woodstains
 09/4712  Indigo Products Ltd  Spectus PVC-U Window Systems
 15/5224  Studor Ventech Ltd  Studor Drainage Ventilation Systems
 08/4603  Tapco Europe Limited  Tapcoslate Roofing Tiles

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
 ETA15/0362  Stirling Lloyd Polychem Ltd  Eliminator Two-Coat Bridge Deck Waterproofing Kit
 CC/0027  Cotswold Manufacturing Ltd  Vicaima 54mm and 44 mm FD30 Internal Single Leaf Inward Opening Composite Door System
 15/F285  Ray Chapman Fabrication Ltd  Structural steel kits and components
 15/F278  TMS Construction Engineers Limited  Structural Metalwork
 15/F287  Heddle Construction Limited  Structural steel kits and components
 15/F276  Chapman Resource Services Limited  Structural and architectural metalwork
 15/F263  ADI Automotive Services Ltd  Structural steelwork – for secondary steel structures for access and equipment handling, including platform, and other bespoke steel fabrications
 15/F265  ASI Solutions Ltd  Asphalt Preservation Treatment
 15/F280  Fabrication Specialists Limited  Fabricated structural steel products in mild and stainless steel
 15/F281  A.B. Fabrications  Structural steel kits and components
 15/F282  F.W. Hall & Son Limited  Architectural and marine metalwork – staircases, balustrades, handrails, gates, ladders, steps, stemheads, chainplates
 14/F119  W R Simmers Ltd  Structural steel kits and components
 15/F277  East Sperrin Fabrications  Structural steel components
 15/F273  Brookeson Material Handling Limited  Fabrication of structural stainless steel
 CC/0028  Cotswold Manufacturing Ltd  Strebord 54mm and 44mm Internal Single Leaf Inward Opening Compsite Door System
 15/F279  R & J Alexander t/a W Redland & Son  Structural Steel kits and components

New MCS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
 BBA_0169  Evoworld GmbH  Biomass Pellet Boilers
 BBA_0148  REC Solar Pte Ltd  REC Peak Energy Series

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number Company Name Description
  15/H234   Gemini Reinstatement Products Ltd  Gemini Reinstatement Bonding Compound
  15/H233  Aximum Produits De Marquage  Aximum High-Friction Surfacing System
  12/H184  LKF Materials A/S  Premark Crack Sealing Systems for Highways
  15/H232  RPM/Belgium N.V. – Alteco Technik GmbH  Matacryl Ironwork Reinstatement Systems

Suspended Certificates

Cert Number  Company Name
 97/3413  Wickes Building Supplies Ltd  
 09/4702  Travis Perkins Trading Company Ltd  
 12/4941  Wickes Building Supplies Ltd  
 10/4802  Travis Perkins Plc  
 11/B154  CW Trade Frames
 99/3568  AHI Roofing
 10/4799  Iso Trading
 11/B133  City Windows and Glass Ltd
 09/4703  Travis Perkins Trading Company Ltd

Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number Company Name
 93/2973  SSAB Swedish Steel Ltd
 11/4819  Low-E UK Ltd
 01/3813  Kingspan Insulation Ltd
 09/4695  Briggs Amasco Limited
 10/4806  Ramage (Trade Windows) Ltd
 10/4726  Lhoist UK Ltd
 98/H002  Prismo Road Markings Ltd
 06/4384  Kingspan Insulation Ltd

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