March 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
00/3749  Klober Ltd  Permo Roof Tile Underlays
01/3812  Jablite Limited  Jablite Flat Roof Insulation Roofboards
02/3943  S and B EPS Ltd  S and B Eps Flooring Insulation
02/3944  Fakro Sp. z o.o.  Fakro Roof Windows
05/4286  Unique Window Systems Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
06/4379  TLX Insulation Ltd  Multifoil Insulation
09/4622  Monier Redland Ltd  Monier Flashings
09/4683  Window Designs Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
10/4773  Bracknell Glass Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Window Systems
11/4817  Xtratherm UK Ltd  Xtratherm Thin-R Insulation
14/5162  Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd  Langley Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing Systems
15/5181  Thermabead Ltd  Thermabead Cavity Wall Insulation
15/5191  Bonar geosynthetics a.s.  Bonar Geosynthetics
15/5198  Safeguard Europe Ltd  Safeguard Masonry Protection Systems
15/5200  GRAF UK Ltd  Graf Stormwater Management Systems
93/2877  Siplast  Paradiene/Parafor Roof Waterproofing Membranes
99/3622  Klober Ltd  Permo Roof Tile Underlays

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
15/F241  AE Stevenson Fabrication Limited  Structural steel kits and components
15/F242  JAC Construction Ltd  Structural metalwork – light commercial and industrial
15/F246  D Copeland Engineering Ltd  Structural steel kits and components
15/F248  Algo Design and Build Limited  Structural steel kits and components
10/B101  Window Wise Ltd  HL Plastics Liniar Chamfered Suite PVC-U
CS/1012  BR Testing Limited  BR Testing Limited
ETA-05/0056  3M United Kingdom plc  3M Scotchkote Poly-Tech EC 661/UV 662 System

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
04/H091  Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd  Tuffpave Thin Surfacing Systems For Highways
15/H229  Bonar geosynthetics a.s.  Bonar Geosynthetics
15/H230  Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd  Tobermore Retaining Wall System
15/H231  Tencate Geosynthetics Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H  Tencate Geosynethics
98/H001  Colas Limited  Spraygrip High-Friction Surfacing System

New MCS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
BBA_0021  Upsolar China Co Ltd  Mono-Crystalline Pv Modules Poly-Crystalline Pv Modules
BBA_0175  Samil Power Co Ltd  T-A series tile roof mounting system
BBA_0176  Captelia  Captelia Pitched Roof Installation Kits for TPVS and APVS

Suspended and Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number  Company Name
 00/3711  Egger (UK) Ltd  
 06/4300  Domestic & General Insulation Ltd  
 07/B018  Thermaseal Window Systems Ltd  
 07/R143  Tencate Geosynthetics Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H  
 08/4585  Egger (UK) Ltd  
 10/R148  Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd  
 11/4837  STOMIX spol. s r. o.  
 11/4867  InstaFibre Ltd  
 BBA_0041  Centrosolar AG  
 BBA_0114  Centrosolar AG  
 BBA_0127  Centrosolar AG  
 BBA_0150  Sanyo Electric Co Ltd  
 BBA_0167  Solfex Ltd (Solflex Energy Systems)

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