May 2015 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
03/4043  EnviroVent Ltd  Envirovent Positive Input Ventilation Systems
04/4152  Durapile Ltd  Durapile Piling System
11/4870  Kingspan Insulation Ltd  Kingspan Roof Tile Underlays
11/4879  Stormking Plastics Limited  Stormking Chimneys
13/4990  Lapolla Industries Inc  Lapolla Spray Applied Open Cell Insulation
14/5116  DOW Chemical Company Limited  Dow Chemical Roof Insulation
15/5202  Visqueen Building Products  Visqueen Cavity Drain System
15/5210  Design Window & Door Systems Ltd  Eurocell PVC-U Door Systems
15/5211  Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd  Alumasc Ventilated Systems (AVS)
15/5212  C A Goss Ltd T/A Direct Window Co  Eurocell PVC-U Door Systems
15/5213  Wrekin Windows  Profile 22 PVC-U Window Systems
15/5215  Green Sustainable Products Co Ltd  Green Sustainable Products Roofing Systems
15/5217  Principal Building Products Ltd  Principal Breathable Roofing Membranes
15/5218  Sika Ltd  Sika Waterproofing Membranes
97/3339  PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited  PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited Paint Systems

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
15/F245  Simpson Strong-Tie GmbH  Simpson Strong-Tie CSA Connector Screws
15/F253  G F Engineering Services  Structural steel and architectural metalwork
15/F255  Northbourne Engineering Limited  Structural steel components
15/F256  Douglas Engineers Limited  Steel Metalwork Products
15/F258  Charles W Pirie  Structural Steel Kits
15/F261  DM Steelworks Limited  Structural Steelwork an Architectural Metal work
15/F262  CLS Facilities Ltd  Steel Fabrications Structural Steelworks ladders walkways Portal buildings balustrading
15/F266  Specialist Welding Services Limited  Structural steel kits and components
15/F267  Broomhill Fabrications  Structural steel kits and components
15/F268  I M Murray Engineering Limited  Structural
15/F269  Macmillan Engineering Limited  Structural Steel Kits and Components
15/F270  B R Hodgson Ltd  Steel Fabrication for Structural Metalworks
15/F271  Blackwater Fabrication Ltd  Structural Steel Fabrications
15/F272  M Construction Services  Steel Framed Buildings
15/F274  Turner’s Roller Doors Ltd  Steel fabrication – industrial, commercial and domestic roller shutter doors
15/F275  McEvoy Engineering Ltd  Structural Steel/Stainless steel Components
15/Q045  McEvoy Engineering Ltd  BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management Systems

New MCS Certificates Awarded

Cert Number  Company Name  Description
BBA_0178  The Minimise Generation Limited  Volther Hybrid Collectors
BBA_0179  The Minimise Generation Limited  Volther Hybrid Collectors

Suspended Certificates

Cert Number  Company Name
04/H093  ASI Solutions Ltd  
05/4249  Wickes Building Supplies Ltd  
05/4250  Wickes Building Supplies Ltd  
08/4537  Wickes Building Supplies Ltd  

Withdrawn Certificates

Cert Number Company Name
04/4098  Walker Profiles Ltd
11/4864  Walker Profiles Ltd
11/B155  Walker Profiles Ltd
13/5014  Lindab S.A
91/R059  Asset International Ltd

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