September 2017 Certificate Listing

New Agrément Certificates Awarded


Cert Number Company Name Description
00/3691 Guaranteed Asphalt Ltd Guaranteed Asphalt Parking Deck Systems
17/5449 IKO PLC IKO Roof Waterproofing Systems
17/5458 Thompson Coating Solutions Limited Flooring Boards
17/5454 Ravatherm UK Limited Polyfoam XPS
13/4979 Huesker Synthetic GmbH Huesker Geosynthetics
17/5441 Carlisle Construction Materials Ltd Carlisle Liquid Applied Waterproofing System
89/2231 Superglass Insulation Ltd Superglass Cavity Wall Insulation
09/4650 Polypipe Ltd t/a Polypipe Building Products Polypipe Polyvalve Air Admittance Valves
17/5455 Rooflock Ltd Rooflock Liquid Applied Roof Waterproofing
09/4628 PlumbFast Co Ltd PlumbFast Pipes and Fittings
07/4480 StormTech – A Division of ADS, Inc. Stormtech Subsurface Stormwater Management System
17/5453 Saint-Gobain Construction Products UK Ltd – T/A British Gypsum British Gypsum Temporary Weather Protection
17/5437 Icopal Ltd Icopal Universal Roof Waterproofing Membranes
10/4789 International Petroleum Products Ltd Alumaflex Multilayer Insulatiojn
17/5438 David Ball Group Ltd Bentonite Waterproofing System for Structures

New Non-Agrément Certificates Awarded


Cert Number Company Name Description
17/F401 Triton Chemical Manufacturing Co Ltd Triton TGS-HP750 Damp-proof membranes
17/F406 Berry & Escott Ltd Structural steel kits and components
17/F405 Baker Steel Trading Limited Structural steel kits and components

New MCS Certificates Awarded


Cert Number Company Name Description
BBA_0193 Maysun Solar FZCO Maysun Solar PV Modules

New HAPAS Certificates Awarded


Cert Number Company Name Description
13/H201 Tensar International Limited Tensar Retaining Wall Systems
13/H202 Tensar International Limited Tensar Geogrids
17/H271 FM Conway Limited FM Conway Asphalt Thin Surfacing Systems for Highways
06/H123 Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd Rhino Asphalt Solutions

Suspended Certificates


Cert Number Company Name Date of Suspension
16/F359 ASi Solutions Ltd 13-Sep-2017
15/F289 Wasteology Systems Ltd 24-Oct-2017

Withdrawn Certificates


Cert Number Company Name Date of Withdrawal
15/F213 M&M Architectural Limited 14-Sep-2017
13/5012 CPI Mortars Limited 25-Sep-2017
97/3424 Restoration UK Ltd 11-Sep-2017
14/5105 Onduline Building Products Ltd 25-Sep-2017
17/5411 DCI Trading Ltd 11-Sep-2017
15/H242 United Asphalt Limited 25-Sep-2017
16/F363 Met Erect Limited 08-Sep-2017
11/4859 Pure Asphalt Company Ltd 14-Sep-2017
02/3976 Peter Cox Ltd 05-Sep-2017
14/F196 Brookfields Steel Procurement Ltd 04-Oct-2017
15/F217 R Mackie Plant Hire 05-Oct-2017
14/F113 Pavo Steel Specialists Ltd 02-Oct-2017
14/F2016 Tavistock Metal Limited 17-Oct-2017
10/H154 RS Clare & Co Ltd 10-Oct-2017
10/4791 – Product Sheet 1 Hunton 24-Oct-2017
89/2206 – Detail Sheets: l,2,3,4,5,7,9,ll,12,13,14,15,16,17 Polypipe Ltd T/A Polypipe Building Products 24-Oct-2017
MCS BBA 0169 Evoworld GmbH 20-Oct-2017
CS/1011 Competent Person – Robert Smith Isothane Ltd 20-Oct-2017
CS/1015 Competent Person – Nathaniel Butters Industria Systems Ltd 20-Oct-2017

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