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A guide to the PAS 2030 Installer Assessment Process - Office
PAS 2030 is the document that defines the requirement for installers under ECO and is available from the BSI website. In addition, you will need to refer to the BBA Scheme Document(s) relating to the measure(s) you are applying for. These are downloadable from the BBA website and are the two documents that the BBA will be assessing you against and we would advise you to obtain copies before we carry out the office assessment.
A guide to the PAS 2030 Installer Assessment Process - Site
A guide to the PAS 2030 Installer Assessment Process - Site
There are two documents that form the basis of the site assessment. PAS 2030 defines the requirements for installers and is available from the BSI website; and the BBA Scheme Document(s) which are downloadable from our website. We would advise you to obtain copies of both documents and familiarise yourself with the contents.
A study of the visual condition of BBA HAPAS High-Friction Surfacing (HFS) Sites
Agrément Certificates
The main remit of the BBA is the evaluation of construction products or systems to reassure specifiers and users that they are fit for purpose. The BBA’s Agrément Certificate process is recognised by the construction industry as a rigorous, impartial and independent assessment of a product’s performance.
Air Movement Report
Annual Maintenance Fee - Saving You Time and Money!
Applying for BBA Product Approval
This document outlines the process of Approval and explains what both parties can do to ensure that progress is swift and expectations on both sides are met.
Assessment of Production
An important part of the process leading to the issue of an Agrément Certificate is the assessment of the production and the quality controls exercised over the manufacture of the product.
BBA BIM Brochure
BBA BIM Object Assurance Scheme - Introducing a new service that verifies your BIM object is of the quality required by specifiers and modellers
BBA Brand Guidelines - May 2016
BBA HAPAS Assessment Reports
BBA HAPAS Product Approval Scheme
The Highway Authorities’ Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) was initiated in 1995 with the aim of developing national approval and Certification processes for innovative products, materials and systems used in highways and related areas.
BBA Information Bulletin No 1
Roof Tile Underlays in Cold Roofs during the Drying-out Period
BBA Information Bulletin No 2
Permeable Roof Tile Underlay - Guide to Good Site Practice
BBA Information Bulletin No 3
Reflective foil insulation - Conventions for U value calculations
BBA Information Bulletin No 4
Inverted roofs - Drainage and U value corrections
BBA Information Bulletin No 5
Reflective breather membranes in timber frame walls - thermal performance claims
BBA Information Bulletin No 6
CE marking and the CPR (Construction Products Regulation)
BBA Information Bulletin No 7
Testing methodologies for the thermal performance of reflective foil insulation products
BBA Information Bulletin No 8
Thermal Insulating Performance - Mean and Lambda 90/90 values
BBA Quality Control Specification
The BBA requires that all products or systems considered for approval be manufactured or installed in an environment which delivers products to a pre-defined standard and at a consistent level. Frequently this will require a management system based upon the International Standard ISO 9000. It is believed that a manufacturer who holds ISO 9000 certification by a UKAS accredited body will not need to add to their quality system.
BBA/BFRC Assessment of Window Manufacturers
A British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) Rating refers to a specific combination of frame and glass as installed. This is declared by the manufacturer, ie the fabricator or installer (the term ‘fabricator’ is used here) responsible for the fully glazed window, and only this specified combination is covered by the BFRC Rating.
BBA/TIMSA U-value And Condensation Risk Analysis Competency Scheme
BS EN ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System
BS EN ISO 14001 : 2004 is the most widely used Environmental Management System (EMS) in the world. It provides a framework for all organisations to help reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining or even improving profitability.
BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 is probably the best known quality management system standard. It provides a structured approach for businesses of all sizes and industry types to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide a product / service delivery that meets or even exceeds customer requirements.
Completion of a Quality Plan
Constancy of Performance
Developing New Materials or Components for use in Construction?
Development Analysis
Many manufacturers will consider BBA Approval for a new product or system after it has been fully developed and launched.
Durability Testing
Environmental Profile Certification
European Technical Approvals - Transition to the CPR
How BBA's Test Facilities can help you
Impartiality Policy
A PDF of the BBA's Impartiality Policy
Information Bulletin No 9 - Resin Bound Surfacing System approvals
These systems have been approved for use in both decorative and trafficked applications. The systems comprise a mixture of a proprietary resin, and various grades of coarse and fine aggregate. The following key areas of performance have been considered.
Inspection Services - BBA Managed
Inspection Services - Client Managed
As the UK’s leading Inspection and Product Approval body, the BBA is well aware that the reputation of even the highest quality products can be ruined by poor installation practices.
Inspection Services - Trustmark
As the UK’s leading Product Approval body, the BBA is well aware that the reputation of even the highest quality products can be ruined by poor installation practices.
Introducing BBA Branded QR Codes
Keymark Certification
Manufacturer Services
The BBA has designed its portfolio of services to align with classic product development principles.
Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
Product Window and Door Testing
BBA Test Services has extensive experience and expertise in the testing and Certification of windows and doors.
Prototype Assessment
The BBA can offer a service to construction product manufacturers in the initial stages of a NPD programme where prototypes are available but production is still some way off or the necessary site evidence is not yet available.
The BBA and Offsite Construction
Our assessors have decades of experience in evaluating Offsite Construction and we are currently assessing many new systems, adding to the many already approved including insulated concrete formwork, SIPs and framed systems.
The Green Deal - a guide for installers
Thermal Bridging, U-values and The BBA Certificate
Thermal Performance Assessment
Thermal Performance Testing and Keymarking
BBA Test Services has recently invested in its facilities to enable us to offer a comprehensive range of tests to determine the performance of insulation materials from room-sized elements to small samples. It can also offer computer modelling and condensation risk analysis for building elements and systems.
What's in it for Manufacturers
BBA approval is sought by manufacturers across a wide spectrum of products, who realise that it will help them gain or maintain market share.
Your Guide to achieving BBA Product Approval
This document outlines the process of Approval and explains what both parties can do to ensure that progress is swift and expectations on both sides are met.

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