Below lists a variety of literature to support and help you understand the different services the BBA provide.

A study of the visual condition of BBA HAPAS High-Friction Surfacing (HFS) Sites
Air Movement Report
BBA BIM Brochure
BBA BIM Object Assurance Scheme - Introducing a new service that verifies your BIM object is of the quality required by specifiers and modellers
BBA Information Bulletin No 1
Roof Tile Underlays in Cold Roofs during the Drying-out Period
BBA Information Bulletin No 2
Permeable Roof Tile Underlay - Guide to Good Site Practice
BBA Information Bulletin No 3
Reflective foil insulation - Conventions for U value calculations
BBA Information Bulletin No 4
Inverted roofs - Drainage and U value corrections
BBA Information Bulletin No 5
Reflective breather membranes in timber frame walls - thermal performance claims
BBA Information Bulletin No 6
CE marking and the CPR (Construction Products Regulation)
BBA Information Bulletin No 7
Testing methodologies for the thermal performance of reflective foil insulation products
BBA Information Bulletin No 8
Thermal Insulating Performance - Mean and Lambda 90/90 values
Impartiality Policy
A PDF of the BBA's Impartiality Policy
Information Bulletin No 9 - Resin Bound Surfacing System approvals
These systems have been approved for use in both decorative and trafficked applications. The systems comprise a mixture of a proprietary resin, and various grades of coarse and fine aggregate. The following key areas of performance have been considered.
The Green Deal - a guide for installers

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