Season’s greetings from Claire Curtis-Thomas

Season’s greetings from Claire Curtis-Thomas

I have without a doubt the best job on the planet. I get to work with brilliant, innovative people who continue to produce amazing construction products designed to satisfy the requirements of the ever-demanding specifiers, architects and designers working throughout the construction sector, not just here in the UK but globally.

Take a look at any city skyline in the UK and you’re looking at the ultimate visual manifestation of our commitment to radical growth in modern building technology – backed up and bolstered by over five decades of expert assessment and certification processes that allow these amazing developments to flourish. This last year stands as testament to the fact that brilliant innovation and a determination to drive up performance standards within the construction products industry continues unabated.

Sadly, 2017 has also been a year that saw particularly unprecedented and tragic events, resulting in fresh challenges to the industry, and we continue to offer our support to clients who have been affected by these.

Other more predictable challenges have arisen as a result of Brexit, with the construction sector currently espying the possibility of recession on the horizon. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has launched an enquiry into the implications of Brexit, highlighting key areas of uncertainty. In particular, investors are likely to be looking at the complexion of the UK construction industry over the course of the new year, and that in itself is an impetus for the sector to present itself as an attractive investment opportunity post Brexit.

And the good news is, regardless of understandable reservations entertained by many on the unnerving consequences of European decoupling, a reasonable Brexit deal could allow us to adapt to changes and capitalise on new opportunities to approach an even wider global audience.

A big thank you to all our clients for your unswerving commitment to maintaining increasingly important industry standards, especially in these uncertain times, for the continued good of our surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Our contribution to maintaining those standards remains equally as determined as we move into the coming year and all the promise that our industry’s future can bring.

It is thanks to the steadfast commitment of our hard-working staff at the BBA that I am privileged to articulate these heartfelt sentiments, and so it is with the BBA as a whole that I wish you all a truly Happy Christmas and the best of good fortune for 2018 and beyond.

Claire Curtis-Thomas.

Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO

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