Stephen Crook – Quality Manager

Stephen Crook – Quality Manager

Stephen Crook accepted the newly created role of Quality Manager in November 2014, taking on responsibility for the improvement, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems throughout the BBA.

Stephen has a diverse career spanning over 20 years in mechanical engineering. His move to quality management started with Quality Circles at Marconi Instruments in 1987. He was later seconded to do a number of business re-engineering projects before fully transferring his talents to quality in 2001 at Silsoe Research Institute where he was instrumental in maintaining ISO 17025 certification and preparing the institute for ISO9001.

“I regard quality as being enterprise wide and not restricted to the requirements of the various Standards, although I do consider the standards as being excellent basic building blocks”

Stephen graduated with a BSc (hons) Mechanical Engineering, he has a B.A. in technology and medicine and a number of quality and business improvement related qualifications. He has three joint patents for agricultural products.

Stephen lives in Kings Langley, is married with two grown-up children and has two grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys flying model helicopters.

Stephen Crook - Quality Manager

Stephen Crook - Quality Manager


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