Sustainable Homes ‘gingery’ proposal

Sustainable Homes ‘gingery’ proposal

Sustainable Homes recently enlisted the support of several Housing Associations, supply chain companies and other housing professionals, such as the BBA, to test out their new ‘gingery’ proposal.

Having developed an off-site construction method that needed testing, they were interested in seeing what various organisations could add to the design, and their thoughts on various design features, such as if filling in windows with boiled sweets improves their airtightness.

The BBA provided a very detailed report demonstrating the vigorous process and providing recommendations for future confectionary building materials. See the full report on Sustainable Homes’ blog.

Claire Aizlewood, BBA’s Field Operative commented:

“It was a great privilege to be invited to participate in this sweet piece of research.  BBA’s drive for innovative products that are fit for purpose made this an attractive area of work, and Sustainable Homes Ltd are to be commended for their daring advances in this exciting field. The synergy between confection and construction is easy to see – with results both sustaining and sustainable. We are keen to maximise our experience in this area, and would be happy to evaluate any samples sent to us. Watch out for results from related projects, due early in 2016: Building with Bar Snacks, and Marmalade-based Products for Hard-to-Treat Cavity Walls.”

BBA Gingerbread House

The BBA wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!

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