Product Excellence Programme

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The BBA Product Excellence Programme (PEP) has been introduced to reassure specifiers, designers, architects and contractors that products certified by the BBA continue to match their published specification.

Objectives of the BBA Product Excellence Programme:

  • To provide additional assurance of certified product performance to specifiers, government, insurers, lenders and clients.
  • To demonstrate product integrity to our partners’ clients on an ongoing basis.

The Benefits of the BBA Product Excellence Programme for you:

When we created BBA PEP we wanted to add value to the services we provide to our clients by offering assurance to specifiers, designers, architects, contractors and the general public that BBA Certified products continue to match an agreed specification. With this in mind, we worked not only to create a robust post-certification testing system but also to build into this benefits that can be passed on to your customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction

With BBA PEP, you can retain and satisfy your customers by providing traceability and quality assurance of your certified products. BBA PEP helps to show transparency and give comfort to users that the needs of the public are at the forefront of all decision making.

With customer satisfaction guaranteed, customer retention becomes easier, which helps to drive profitability and competitiveness.

  • Time Savings and Convenience

Specifiers, architects and contractors looking for evidence that products have been regularly tested now have this reassurance through the BBA PEP programme. Once a certified product passes its PEP test, your online BBA certificate is updated with the BBA pep logo to reflect this. We also go one step further by sharing this good news on our social media pages and working with you to highlight the added value provided by this initiative to your clients.

Finally, you can send a direct link to your updated certificate to specifiers, architects and contractors to let them know that the BBA has carried out either an annual or triennial test on your product.

  • Confidence and Security

For many in the public (and private) sector, there exists a lack of trust and understanding of construction products formulations. In addition to this, there is added concern that construction products’ raw materials might have been changed post BBA Certification.

With BBA PEP, you can give your customers, who in turn can give the general public, confidence that these products continue to match certified specification and that you have taken the onus of working with the BBA to ensure that this is never in doubt for the lifetime of said product. This sense of added security provides assurance and guarantee to those specifying and legislating for the construction industry and reassures the general public that their safety continues to be paramount in all actions taken.

Joining the BBA Product Excellence Programme:

Becoming part of BBA PEP is simple and straightforward, because we’ve done all the work for you. In reviewing all products Certified under our BBA Agrément Certificate,  we found that products fall into 2 areas of complexity:

  • Complexity 1 – products which possess fire or structural type characteristics and need to be tested annually.
  • Complexity 2– products which DO NOT possess fire or structural type characteristics and need to be tested triennially.

Being part of BBA PEP means that as part of the conditions of our Agrément Certification, BBA Management Systems Auditors will continue to carry out their 6-monthly on-site audits as usual. However, during these visits they will also select products randomly for further testing as part of BBA PEP. The selected product will be photographed and labelled by the auditor, after which you will need to send the selected sample to the BBA Product Excellence Test Centre in Watford.

PEP applies to both new and current Products. All new products Certified by the BBA from the 20thJuly 2018 will automatically be enrolled into BBA PEP, and our contracts will reflect this status as well as specifying the complexity of the product. Also from 20thJuly 2018, all existing products will be enrolled into BBA PEP, however you will be given the option to submit test results from other UKAS approved test facilities to demonstrate that your products possess the agreed characteristics.

The BBA will make a small nominal charge for checking these results and updating our records to show the product has been tested. To find out more about how BBA PEP can enhance your visibility to specifiers, designers, architects, contractors and the general public check out our FAQ. Alternately, you can download the BBA PEP Brochure for more information.




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