BBA Test Services offer testing on a wide range of protective coatings, gloss and masonry paints, concrete repair materials, coil coated metals, wood varnishes and stains.

Our tests ensure that the coating provides protection to a wide range of substrates and remains durable in service.

Test areas related to coatings and paints


  • Exposure to Ultra Violet (fluorescent tube and xenon arc)
  • Heat ageing
  • Water exposure
  • Colour and gloss measurement
  • Degree of blistering, chalking, cracking and flaking
  • Marking and staining
  • Corrosion resistance (neutral salt spray)
  • Mould and algal growth

Mechanical testing

  • Bond strength
  • Cross cut adhesion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Rapid deformation
  • Impact resistance
  • Extensibility

Water penetration and water vapour permeability

  • Water vapour permeability
  • Carbon dioxide permeability
  • Water resistance

Benefits of BBA Test Services

  • CE Marking tests to relevant harmonised standards
  • Research and development
  • Test reports can be used to obtain an Agrément Certificate
  • UKAS accredited Laboratory

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