Doors and Windows

BBA Test Services has tested doors, windows and rooflights for many years in support of BBA Certification and now offer this service directly to manufacturers as a precursor to application for a Certificate, or as part of their own research and development programmes.

We are experienced in performing a wide range of tests on windows, doors, rooflights, profiles and hardware.

Our tests ensure that products are thermally efficient, secure, weathertight and durable.

Window Opening

Test areas related to doors and windows

Durability, endurance and corrosion

  • Heat ageing
  • Exposure to UV radiation (fluorescent tube and xenon arc)
  • Corrosion (natural salt spray)
  • Cyclic operation (endurance)

Energy efficiency and thermal performance

  • U-Value calculation (guarded hot box)
  • Thermal conductivity and resistance (heat flow meters)

Mechanical testing

  • Security
  • Mechanical loading
  • Loading bearing capacity
  • Operation and strength


  • Weathertightness

Wind loading

  • Wind resistance
  • Air permeability

Benefits of BBA Test Services

  • CE Mark testing to relevant harmonised standards
  • Notified body
  • PAS standards
  • Regular audit testing (security, weathertightness and hardware)
  • Research and development
  • Test reports can be used to obtain an Agrément Certificate
  • UKAS accredited Laboratory

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