Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

As of July 2014, in order to comply with MCS and claim the feed-in tariff a Photovoltaic or solar panel system on a pitched roof the mounting system will need to comply with the requirements of MCS012.

BBA Test Services are equipped to test your mounting system for weathertightness and wind uplift in accordance with MCS 012 Product Certification Scheme Requirements – Pitched Roof Installation Kit.

We have experience in testing both above-roof and in-roof systems for a range of collectors, including evacuated tube, flat plate collectors, photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic tiles on a variety of substrates.

Solar Panel Test Rig

Test areas related to MCS


  • Additional testing towards BBA certification

Mechanical testing

  • Mechanical testing on individual components


  • Weathertightness on underlay penetrations
  • Weathertightness on outer surface penetrations

Benefits of Test Services

  • MCS accredited certification body
  • Research and development
  • Test reports can be used to obtain an Agrément and MCS Certification
  • UKAS accredited test laboratory

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