Cavity Wall Testing

Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce the heat loss through external walls in existing structures. BBA Test Services offer a number of tests to ensure a product is fit for purpose and does not reduce the integrity of an existing structure.

These tests are suitable for a wide range of insulation materials, such as bead, fibre boards and foam products. They can also be used to look at innovative fill products.

Most materials require tests for:
•  Confirmation that the product provides an adequate and consistent fill to eliminate the risk of cold bridging
•  The compatibility of the product when installed in an already partially filled cavity
•  The risks associated with water tracking across a filled cavity
•  Thermal performance

Our Key Facilities:

  • Adequacy of fill rig
  • Partial fill rig
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Two water resistance rigs

We undertake the following tests on cavity wall insulation products:

  • Adequacy of fill
  • CE Marking to a range of harmonised standards
  • Characterisation tests
  • Keymarking
  • Partial fill
  • Thermal performance
  • Water resistance

Cavity wall testing is relevant to the following product areas:

  • All types of cavity wall insulation

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