Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of construction products plays an increasingly significant part in the decision making process. Building Regulations and government initiatives, such as ECO and the Green Deal, have made consumers more aware of energy ratings, carbon savings and the thermal benefits available today. This heightened understanding of energy efficient products continues to drive the need for greater thermally efficient and cost-effective solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings.

We are leading experts in thermal testing and offer a number of ways to determine the thermal performance of products or systems, from room-sized elements to small scale samples. Our UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0357) is well-equipped to undertake the range of thermal tests we offer.

Hot Box Angle

Our Key Facilities:

Our Guarded Hot Box 1 is designed to run tests on room-sized, complex or homogeneous systems. Ideal for tests on doors, windows and wall panels, it can be rotated between 0° and 90° to simulate the actual orientation of the element service.

Guarded Hot Box 2 is primarily used to test window systems, but also tests glazing, wall panels and cavity wall insulation using our purpose built modular wall system.

Our three heat flow meters are used to measure the thermal conductivity of materials. Samples of up to 760 mm by 760 mm, and 300 mm thick, can be rotated to allow testing at any angle between 0° and 90°. Our laboratory can test low, medium and high conductivity materials. Further investigation of the thermal performance can be undertaken using a thermal imaging camera.

Heat Flow 02

From our custom-built testing centre, we carry out the following energy efficiency and thermal performance tests:

  • Emissivity of reflective insulation products
  • Thermal conductivity and resistance
  • Thermal imaging
  • Thermal transmittance (U-Value)

Energy efficiency and thermal performance testing is relevant to the following product areas:

  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • Insulation
  • Multifoils
  • Roofing and Breather Membranes
  • Thermal measurements on wide range of construction products
  • Windows, Doors and Rooflights (including hardware and profiles)

Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance Videos

Heat Flow Meter

Hot Boxes

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