Youtube video on making roads safer

Youtube video on making roads safer
Steve Hunt - BBA Sector Manager for Highways

Steve Hunt of the BBA

Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) published a YouTube video this month on the importance of  high friction surfacing to make roads safer.  BBA Highways Sector Manager, Steve Hunt, was delighted to participate in the video production:

“Keeping Highway Stakeholders up to date on the latest developments relative to the HAPAS approval process for high friction surfacing is a key objective for the BBA. RSTA have worked with us and the Highway Authorities to ensure that the HAPAS approval process remains relevant, and continues to support innovation and most importantly continues to meet the expectations of Highways England and the Local Highway Authorities”

Steve has been employed by the BBA since 2001 and is responsible for HAPAS assessments and the Certification of highway products.  He is a member of the Institute of Asphalt Technology, the BBA Highways Technical Advisory Committee (HiTAC) and several BBA specialist groups set up by the BBA, the Highways Agency and ADEPT, to provide input on the development of approval schemes.

High Friction Surfacing was introduced into the UK in 1967 to reduce braking distances and skid related accidents at approaches to junctions, roundabouts and pelican crossings. It has been helping to save lives on UK roads ever since.  This RSTA video aims to remind everyone involved in improving road safety why it remains an important highway asset management tool.  View Video.

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