How the BBA helps the Construction Industry

Irrespective of what your construction products are made of, or where they are destined for, they must comply with relevant regulations to achieve access to these markets, this is why certification with the BBA, a trusted and UKAS accredited Certification Body (No 0113) and an independent third party is the right partner for you.

At the BBA, we can work with you to get your product certified to all necessary standards making it appealing and attractive in both national and international market places.

Our certification, testing and auditing services cover a wide range of construction products from thermal insulation and Fenestration, to non-metallic roof coverings and paints and finishes.

We offer a large scope of services:

  • Certification of products, manufacturing processes and services
  • Tests and verification by calculation
  • Audit-testing of samples taken at random on the production line, on the construction site or on the market
  • Supplier verification Quality assurance / Quality control
  • Second party audits

Our experts sit on the UK and international standards committees, which provides invaluable knowledge when it comes to checking that work conforms to the relevant standards.

Many of our Project Managers are skilled in multiple disciplines, which means that alongside established products in your range, we can help you in certifying new construction innovations with our bespoke certification process.

Find out everything you need to become BBA Certified by reading our Pathway to Certification and completing an application today.