Case Study

“The BBA provide an excellent value service, with a strong recognised brand that extols quality”

Executive Summary

A “Total Service” philosophy and the drive to innovate is the key to Chemfix Product Ltd’s success. The rigorous assessment process, impartiality and recognition afforded to the BBA makes Agrément Certification incredibly valuable.

About Chemfix Products Ltd

UK based Chemfix Products Ltd manufacture chemical anchoring, building adhesives & wood repair products. In 1993 a partnership was formed with Nickerson Chemicals, the creators of the Metolux Brand, and today the organisation exports to 32 countries across 5 continents.

Chemfix Products Ltd ensure maximum traceability and total product satisfaction by harnessing strict quality control monitoring from production through to delivery. BBA Agrément Certificate 12/4893 for Metolux Metofix 3-1 & Metofix 3-1 GRP epoxy adhesives assures customers that the product will perform. Confidence is further instilled with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and a European Technical Assessment for Chemfix 500.

About the Product

Metofix 3-1 intended use is for the bonding of cut bricks and pavers and the fixing of brick slips to cast concrete structural units or GRP panels under factory conditions.


The ability to demonstrate the technical capability of a product. Agrément Certification is key to proving a product is ‘fit for purpose’.

Two recent projects, with key partner IG Masonry support systems, illustrated the important technical nature of Metofix 3-1 working as part of their brick slip masonry support and lintel system.

The first was a commercial development at Stonebridge Park, North West London. The second at eight Artillery Row, London.

The Results

Stonebridge Park was a £16.6m development of 117 new homes. IG Masonry Support supplied Brick Slip Lintels and Brick Slip Masonry support for all the openings on the project including the curved on plan reveals, using BBA approved Metofix 3-1.

Eight Artillery Row involved 22 luxury apartments using bespoke handmade bricks, from a traditional brick factory in Leicester. The project required 96 slender brick columns to be built along the recessed balconies. Measuring 215mm wide by 440mm deep the brick columns lacked structural stability and therefore required steel support. IG Masonry Support developed a completely unique structural steel frame to support the brickwork. A structural post was encased with perforated steel. The perforations allowed Metofix 3-1 BBA approved resin to protrude through the holes in the steel and create and anchor for the adhesive. The resin then bonded the handmade bricks to the steel unit, thus ensuring a slender brick column had a structural steel spine.

The result was an off-site solution for 96 brick columns that could be manufactured in a strict quality controlled environment weeks before they were required on site. The pattern of the brickwork, the mortar joints and every aspect of the installation was carefully considered. The contractor simply called the units off when required and installed them with bolts top and bottom. The effect is stunning and seamless, reflecting its historical surroundings and the Westminster Cathedral Conservation area.

How working with the BBA has helped

BBA Agrément Certificates provide guidance and enhance the ability of the certificate holder to forge good relations with customers. The Certification process is fluid. For Chemfix Products Limited, forming a partnership and understanding with the BBA ensured a trouble free the route to Certification. Andrew Stewart, Marketing Manager of Chemfix Products Ltd, commented:

“The BBA provide an excellent value service, with a strong recognised brand that extols quality”

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