Cembrit offers BBA Certified Products

BBA certification is well-known as an independent mark of approval for suppliers to the construction industry, and Cembrit is proud that its complete range of fibre-cement slates and sheeting is fully accredited by the BBA. The Cembrit team was recently presented with a renewed BBA Agrément Certificate 03/4041 by Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO of the BBA at the RCI Show 2016. (see image)

Cembrit holds BBA Agrément Certificates for its fibre cement slate range, ensuring that whichever system is chosen, architects can be confident in the specified product. To achieve this status, Cembrit fibre-cement slates and corrugated sheets completed a comprehensive testing process and successfully met all the requirements set out by the BBA.  Ged Ferris, the Marketing Manager of Cembrit, commented:

“We believe that it is important to put our products through the rigorous BBA process, as the independent certification provides specifiers with a great deal of confidence in our products.  It is not just Cembrit asserting its superiority.”

The Cembrit range of fibre-cement slates all offer their own unique appearance. The slates are ideal for use on conventional pitched timber roofs with a rafter pitch of 20° and over, or hung vertically as cladding on external walls. The slates are complemented by matching fibre-cement ridges, ventilation solutions and fixings.

Cembrit Cemsix corrugated sheeting is a waterproof building material.  Cemsix has the advantage of being slightly porous, which means that high levels of water vapour or humidity within agricultural buildings can be absorbed by the sheets and gradually released into the atmosphere. This contrasts with steel, where moisture condenses on the underside of the roof and drops back onto the contents inside. Cemsix is not affected by rust, destructive fungi, vermin or insects, so will not rot or decay.

Incorporating the latest technological advances, Cemsix allows designers to clad agricultural or industrial buildings in a Class 0 fire rated, rust-proof and rot-proof material that will last for decades. Available in a variety of coated colour options, Cemsix is offered in a standard imperial 6 inch profile strengthened with strategically-placed polypropylene reinforcement strips. These are incorporated within the fibre-cement sheet to comply with BS and H&S requirements for site safety and fragility.

For further information contact Cembrit on +44 (0) 20 8301 8900 or visit the Cembrit website.