Meet Us: Morteza Aboutalebi – Principal Engineer

Morteza Aboutalebi joined the BBA in May 2015 as a Project Manager within the Engineering team, focusing on structural assessment and Finite Element Analysis as part of BBA Product Approval.  In November 2015 he became part of the Technical Excellence team where he began his current role as Principal Engineer.

While Morteza was an MSc student, he started to lecture at a college for Structural Engineering courses, and during his academic career he became a senior researcher and a senior lecturer.  Since completing his PhD in Civil Engineering (Structures), his roles within the industry have included Assistant Structural Designer and Executive Manager of one of the largest housing complexes in the Middle East. Prior to joining the BBA he was a Principal Engineer at a consultancy firm in central London, responsible for Finite Element based assessment of soil-structure interaction for subterranean developments.

Morteza is a Chartered Member of the Iranian Organisation of Civil Engineering Order and a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. To date he has also had 17 peer reviewed papers published.

“I am always eager to learn and the BBA offers me the opportunity to learn more about the wide range of products and systems in the industry.  My career is ever increasingly fantastic as I have found my most superb work family ever at the BBA.”

Morteza lives in Barnet, North London, and enjoys spending time with his family, socialising with friends and listening to music.