Meet Us: Alpheo Mlotha – Team Manager

Alpheo Mlotha, Team Manager in the Engineering section, is a truly motivational character who keeps his colleagues on their toes, literally, during the BBA lunch hour running club.

Having joined the BBA in 2008 as a Project Manager focusing on assessment and certification of structural products and systems and External Wall Insulation Systems, Alpheo continues to work in this area and is very supportive of his team.

“The BBA offers an opportunity to know and work with a wide range of construction products and that makes every day different and not monotonous. I always look at the brighter side of life in everything and I am enjoying to be part of the BBA work family”.

In 2005 Alpheo graduated with an MBA from Bradford School of Management, and other qualifications include a BSc in Structural / Civil Engineering and Project Management. He is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Alpheo’s technical experience, gained from working within the construction industry for 20 years, has proven vital in his previous roles within a variety of organisations, covering structural engineering consultancy, local councils and a solar systems design firm. He’s enjoyed working in countries such as Malawi, Botswana, the Republic of Ireland and, of course, the United Kingdom.

Alpheo lives in Milton Keynes and is actively involved in the leadership of his local church, Milton Keynes Christian Centre. Besides running, he enjoys a variety of other sports, as well as spending time with family, listening to music and socialising with friends. In April 2016 he completed the Virgin London Marathon, raising in excess of £850 for the LightForce International charity who help vulnerable children in Uganda.