Latest Agrément Certification for Schöck raises the bar

The BBA’s amplified assessment process results in a new ‘Leader’ Certificate with more detailed content on structural stability and performance of the balcony connector.

The rigorous assessment involved tests for structural stability, fatigue stresses and fire. As a result, the enhanced Certificate includes a full description and specification of each component. Specification of threaded steel bars to connect the system to steel balcony; limitation for deflection of the concrete slab and steel; the requirement for fatigue stresses due to different temperatures and for natural frequency of the external concrete slab and steel balconies; thermal bridging at the junction between the balcony and the wall. In addition, it covers behaviour in relation to fire.

The first in this new generation of Agrément Certificates is issued to Schöck Bauteile GmbH, Agrément Certificate 05/4277, for Schöck Isokorb Thermal Insulation Connection Systems which are for use in reinforced concrete structures to form a thermal break between a balcony and an internal floor, whilst transferring load and maintaining full structural integrity.

BBA’s Project Manager Seyed Tajallifar commented on his visit to the Schöck factory in Baden-Baden:

“the visit was incredibly helpful. An exhibition hall showed the entire the history of Schöck to present day and was very informative. The manufacturing facilities were exceptional, everything was well maintained and the welding plant was automatic.”

About the new Leader Certificate Seyed added: “All future Agrément Certificates of this sort will follow this format. The items covered in the Schöck Certificate will be included in any other balcony connector Certificate when they are due for Reissue.”

Chris Willett, MD at Schöck commented:

“We have always welcomed our collaboration with the BBA, which dates back over several years. This new generation BBA Agrément Certificate takes a huge step in providing the highest level of assurance to the construction industry and we are certain that it will lead to further specifications of our product in the future”

BBA Certification is recognised by government departments and throughout the construction industry as a mark of quality, safety and reliability that a product is fit-for-purpose. Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production – are awarded an Agrément Certificate. Once a certificate has been issued, regular monitoring is carried out by the BBA to maintain its validity, followed by a comprehensive, three-yearly review.

Schoeck Certificate Presentation 2017
BBA’s CEO Claire Curtis-Thomas presents the new Agrément Certificate to Chris Willett, MD of Schöck Ltd

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