BBA collaborates with the National Research Council Canada

At a time when international relationships and collaborative thinking are nervously at the forefront of world affairs, it’s good to be able to talk about positive developments wherever they can be found. Whether they are within specific pockets of everyday life, charitable events, new businesses partnerships, positive political alliances or even instances of successful social discourse that make a difference to the lives of ordinary people, successful outcomes so often arise from the coming together of reckonable forces that combine to pave the way for the greater good.

One such example is the BBA’s recent collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC). On 7th April 2017, a Memorandum Of Understanding was signed by both parties at the BBA offices in Watford, Hertfordshire.

NRC’s General Manager Richard Tremblay spent a few hours touring the BBA’s impressive facilities and enjoyed meeting with BBA CEO Claire Curtis-Thomas and Operations Director Brian Moore.

Richard was also interviewed by BBA Technical Journalist Spike Webb about the significance of this exciting new relationship and his sense of the perceived advantages of the MOU, Richard commented:

“Everybody will benefit from this relationship. Hopefully UK and Canadian companies will have collaborative projects. The benefits to this could extend around the world”.

This new relationship between the BBA and the NRC could be considered as one small step for international collaboration within our industry. However, it would perhaps be more pertinent to see it as a giant step in the right direction for worldwide, forward thinking business cultures that serve to shape the fabric of a better future in construction.

Visit the NRC website to read about how the NRC supports industrial innovation, technology development and more.