EOTA appoints new Secretary General

The European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) has appointed a new Secretary General. As of beginning of July, 42-year-old Sergio Vazquez Jimenez from Spain heads the EOTA office in Brussels.

Before joining EOTA, Mr. Vazquez, a technical architect and manager, has worked in various roles in the construction industry. His expertise includes site management, safety and risk prevention as well as public administration. EOTA President Karsten Kathage commented on Sergio’s appointment:

“We are delighted that Sergio [Vazquez Jimenez] is joining us as Secretary General. Sergio brings a wealth of practical experience to EOTA and a bag of fresh ideas. He is keenly aware of what the construction industry needs and expects from EOTA. I look forward to working with him on extending EOTA’s range of services.”

Mr. Vazquez is very committed to European harmonisation and explains his vision for EOTA:

“Many European countries are just emerging from a crisis. A lot of companies, especially small and medium ones, are looking for new business opportunities on the European market. EOTA has a lot to offer to these companies. The harmonised technical specifications and European Technical Assessments issued by EOTA and its members enable construction product manufacturers to market their products all across Europe with CE marking.”

So what are Mr. Vazquez’ objectives for the coming months?

1. Spread the word about the ETA route to CE marking
2. Reach out to small and medium businesses
3. Provide added value to the construction supply chain by making better use of the data managed by EOTA
4. Mainstream sustainability in EOTA documents
5. Settle in with his family…


Sergio Vazquez Jimenez graduated in technical architecture from University of Seville before going on to achieve two master degrees; one in Industrial Safety and Risk Prevention from University of Seville and another in Occupational Risk Prevention from University Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid. In addition, Sergio has a degree in business administration. Alongside his position as Secretary General of EOTA, he is completing a PhD focussing on sustainability in the construction industry.

Sergio gained industry experience as a technical architect and site manager with Martin Casillas, S.L, with a special focus on quality and the environment. He then turned to public administration, rising from project, site and facility manager, to Senior Risk Advisor and finally Senior Technical Health and Safety Advisor.

Dedicated to the European idea, Sergio joined EOTA as Secretary General in 2017.


The European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) is a non-profit organisation, bringing together Europe’s Technical Assessment Bodies. EOTA was founded in 1990 to help realise the common European market for construction products. EOTA’s special expertise is innovative and non‑standard construction products. Through its services, EOTA helps product manufacturers bring their cutting-edge products to the European market, using CE marking as an entry ticket.