BBA BIM Object Assurance launches in September

The BBA is delighted to announce the launch of it’s new data verification service that provides specifiers and architects in the Building and Construction industry with greater peace of mind when using BIM objects in their building models. They can now look out for a BBA BIM assured logo on BIM objects which indicates that the product’s specification details included in the object have been independently verified to make sure they match the quality of those on the manufacturer’s BBA Agrément Certificate.

The new service has been devised to benefit specifiers and manufacturers alike. It minimises the frustrations experienced by specifiers and modellers who often discover late into the project that the product information on their virtual object does not match up with its equivalent in real life. For manufacturers it helps demonstrate their engagement by providing quality BIM objects that have undergone a rigorous third-party verification process.

Product data and its source are verified by the BBA following a stringent data acceptance process before it can be accepted for inclusion into a BBA BIM Object Assured certificate. The end result is a certificate that is easily recognised by specifiers and architects during the BIM model development as synonymous with BBA quality.

To provide a comprehensive BIM object service, the BBA has partnered with BIM Store, the leading UK BIM object and components library, to provide BIM object development to clients at their initial stages of BIM adoption. BBA’s Chief Executive Claire Curtis-Thomas commented:

“Today’s announcement is another clear step in our journey to improve our service offer to our clients. With the BBA BIM Object Assurance scheme, we expand our strong product certification offer to the early stages of building design and modelling. The combination of our data verification services and BIM Store’s development and hosting capabilities allows us to provide one of the most solid BIM object value propositions on the market.”

Rob Charlton, Chief Executive of Space Group, said:

“Being part of this scheme allows us to further support manufacturers and enhance the BIM object assurance offered by the BBA. It is essential that digital components match the performance of an object in operation stages, and through this scheme, the BBA can provide additional assurances to specifiers and designers on the quality of manufacturer objects. With our support, manufacturers can produce accurate product data and geometry to create their BIM objects.”

With highly qualified, technical experts among its ranks, this is just the kind of service the BBA is good at providing to the industry. By having a BBA BIM Object Assured stamp in place alongside their BBA Agrément Certificate, manufacturers re-assure clients that they are choosing the right product.