Introducing the Building Performance Network

The Building Performance Network (BPN) is an independent not for profit organisation, operating in all building related sectors. Its initial focus is on Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) practice. It aims to move beyond measurement, to action and communication. George Martin, Chief Executive, comments on the BPN’s first open meeting:

“On 10th October, the Building Performance Network had its first open meeting, Prove It! With only a brief introductory presentation, we spent the afternoon asking our guests to tell us what they are currently doing to improve building performance in use, how they are using building performance evaluation (BPE) and what they find the barriers are to further take up of BPE. Crucial for us was finding out what the priorities for the BPN should be in order to assist our Members. Two items stood out:

Understanding and building the market for BPE.
Promotion of demonstration projects and case studies, if possible demonstrating the bad and the good.
As a result of this event, we are currently exploring plans to develop a database of active Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) projects across the UK and a proposal for a marketing campaign about the value of BPE.”
The Output Report from the event that was held in October is available to view below. For further information on the BPN and to become a member, please visit the BPN website