Lead alternative Leadax gains coveted BBA Certification

A lead alternative that its manufacturer says is cheaper, lighter and faster to install than traditional lead but delivers comparable waterproofing performance has been awarded a prestigious Agrément Certificate by the British Board of Agrément.

Leadax, a patented polyvinyl butyral (PVB) based flashing material with an aluminium mesh reinforcement, has been certificated for use in flashing applications on flat and pitched roofs (Agrément Certificate 17/5466). As part of the certification process, the product’s weather tightness, properties in relation to fire, strength and durability were assessed, together with adherence to Building Regulations.

The certificate was officially awarded to Leadax during the recent RCi Show in Coventry.

Roeland van Delden, CEO of Leadax, said: “Leadax is the first lead substitute with the look/feel and same properties as traditional lead but without the harmful effects on health and the environment. It can be processed by hand in even the most extreme weather conditions and is manufactured from recycled PVB, the foil used in laminated glass (for example car windows and safety glass),” added Mr van Delden.

The British Board of Agrément was formed in 1966 and offers certification, testing, audit and inspection services to manufacturers of construction products and systems and installer approval. It is also the UK’s leading authority on the assessment of insulation products and installation techniques.