Employee Appreciation Week 2018

It was fun, games and hilarity as the BBA completed another Employee Appreciation week at their Watford campus.

The now yearly event was an opportunity for staff to let loose as they were treated to massages, a scavenger hunt and had their pictures drawn by caricaturist Steven Garner.

Speaking on the occasion Rosemary Mathews, Head of HR for the BBA said ‘the Employee Appreciation Week, is a small token by the BBA to show our staff how much they mean to us. As we continue to grow and shape the industry, we recognise that our staff are the backbone of this organisation and wanted to show them that they are appreciated’.

This sentiment was echoed by Claire Curtis -Thomas CEO of the BBA who said, ‘our staff are the core of who we are, they are representative of our values of Passion, Courage, Integrity, Quality, Loyalty, Collaboration and Accountability, and it is with great pleasure that we have this event yearly to celebrate the many hands that make up the BBA’.