BBA Test Tour by Crest Nicholson and NHBC

A recent tour of the UKAS accredited BBA Testing facility undertaken by representatives of Crest Nicholson and the NHBC (National Housing Building Council) gave both organisations the opportunity to see how the BBA tests products and systems for safety and quality before they are certified.

Housebuilders Crest Nicholson, who are currently constructing a new-build housing development in Bricket Wood, are the first commercial contractors to be invited for a tour of this high spec testing facility designed to take construction products through their paces.

The group took the opportunity to see the equipment used to test products that are certified by the BBA, and also to ask questions on the operating methods used. From roof and wall insulation systems being subjected to extreme weather conditions, windows and doors testing for security and safety, and the workings of the latest Instron machine, which tests materials for tensile, fatigue and structural durability, the tour offered a deeper insight into the tests that construction products need to undertake before they are classed as ‘fit for purpose’ by the BBA.

Crest Nicholson who are currently installing insulation systems on properties on their site, showed particularly interested in the ETAG 004 hygrothermal chamber, which applies heat/rain and heat/cold cycling procedures to ensure thermal insulation materials are safe and fit-for-purpose.

Martin Oxley of the BBA being guided by David Robins of Crest Nicholson
On completion of the tour, both Crest Nicholson and the NHBC expressed their thanks saying: “Today has been a fantastic day for us. It’s a one-off experience to see what you do at the BBA. Many thanks for your time and the opportunity it’s given us”.

David Robins, Technical Director, Crest Nicholson.

“It’s been very reassuring to know that there are such advanced testing facilities here – testing all sorts of products and making sure they’re all fit for purpose – I think it’s fantastic”.

Paul Kearney, NHBC.

In return, Crest Nicholson invited staff of the BBA on a tour around their development construction site. Staff from the BBA were able to see newly created foundation works at 1.5 metres deep into the ground, insulation systems at their earliest stages of planning,and an in-depth insight into the varying phases of a major construction development.

The tour ended with a look at a completed four-bedroom semi-detached luxury home, designed to show case the properties available for purchase.